Are there sites where I can create an app without any coding skills?

Hi all, I want to create an app and test a business concept. I dont have any coding skills.

Are there sites where I can create and publish an app without any coding skills? e.g. an app version of shopify? Somewhere that allows you to pick a template, drag and drop,...

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    You should check out DronaHQ Templates. They have a bunch of ready templates plus drag and drop too ready fields too, seems like what you want!

    I also like Adalo and Softr, Bubble is nice but feel the learning curve is too steep.

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    Thunkable .com

    You can be productive on any of those platforms without writing code

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    Glide is really easy-to-use and can build simple apps from template in a short time.
    I tried to build 2 apps for personal use with the help of Glide. And I really love it!

    It also has a free tier to try it out before you find product-market fit.
    If you are not in need of some special functionality, Glide will be great option for business idea validation.

    This article has more introduction about Glide.
    You may find out more details about whether Glide fits your need.

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    I would add Glide to this list also — you can create an app quickly and easily using a google sheet. Here's some more info and video tutorials: https://www.makerpad.co/tutorials?path=mobile.

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    If you are trying to "validate" a business concept, can you pitch it with some high fidelity mockups instead?

    It may be faster.

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    Bubble has a crazy learning curve, softr.io is your best shot for quick and effective building

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    I think bubble.io would be something to look into? Not sure of many others though! Good luck

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