Design and UX September 18, 2020

Are you a designer and founder?

Pascal @PascalAkord

Hey, I'm a designer who recently co-founded a startup, and I'm looking for other designers who are running their own startups to connect with and follow here.

Drop me I comment so I know who/where you are!

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    Hello from a fellow designer 👨‍🎨! I have been working as a product designer for 4 years and dabbled with some frontend stuff at the same time. I have always loved prototyping, micro interactions and making stuff "almost" real. But lately I have been doing more coding and fullstack things, allowing me to complete projects by my self. This has led me here to indiehackers to share and learn more about topics like marketing, growth, tactics and so on.

    My latest project that that I’m working on in my spare time is tabExtend(

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    Hey Pascal,

    I am a self-taught designer and a co-founder of OrgPad.

    I studied bioinformatics before I got into design and startup world. I like how design is people-oriented. You can help possibly help many people. I am interested in psychology. I know almost no one in design.

    Looking forward to connect and share experiences!

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      Hey Kamila,
      Thanks for saying hi! That's really tough when you don't have other designers to bounce ideas off. Feel free to ask me to feedback on anything you're working on. I'd be happy to help :)

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    Am also a designer and a founder, am based in Sierra Leone West Africa.

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      Cool! I have followed you and look forward to exchanging ideas :)

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    Hey! I'm a designer who is currently working on a new project, and my co-founder is also a designer, feel free to say hi!

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      Hey! Thanks for reaching out. What's your new project? Any links to share?

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        Hey @PascalAkord we're building a platform for creatives and their fans to connect and to monetize their work. We just put up a landing page and have started some development on our MVP. Check it out at

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