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Are you a Marketer? would you spare 30 min to help us with product feedback?

Hey Indie-hackers! , long time podcast listener here but first time posting.

I've been to a couple of meetups where they ask participants to say what they are looking for and what they can help others with. I like that format :)

  1. Are you a marketer? I would love to get your feedback on a product we are building.

  2. I can help with product management and UX feedback. - particularly if you are building products with ML/AI

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    We have a decent eye for this. We are building AI/ML product. What we found to our shock, is we have to hide everything about AI/ML from the audience. With our target market, the more automation you discuss, the more the customer runs away. So all of our messaging MUST change. People are creatures of habit. Don't take them outside of their comfort zone. We were discussing with a customer. They asked to see the interface. We told them all the work runs in the background with AI/ML. They said, unless they can do it the old way, they will not buy.

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