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If you are new, or haven't said hello yet, come and introduce yourself.

  • tell us something about yourself
  • what are you working on, or hope to work on?
  • is there anything stopping you from making progress?
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    Hey all 👋🏽

    I’m a senior software engineer full time and am transitioning to running my own businesses.

    This year I’ve started steps in the direction to start growing out my ideas. Hoping to leverage my technical experience to build things out.

    I am building out with a partner an online community for people that hope to discover and take action on living the best version of there lives as possible. The self improvement space.

    To service that soon to launch community we have begun to build out services and products.

    Each service and product can be “stand alone” but the end goal that each in some way complement each other and help our community.

    Right now we offer private 90 day 1:1 coaching through our zenstoic brand. Using zen and stoic philosophies alongside behavioral timeline therapy. We are working on a weekend version of this experience alongside a daily podcast. As of last month this part of the business has been making money.

    Alongside that I’ve been converting our goal setting protocol “REAL” goals and daily planner into one PDF under the name DEY.

    The Dey planner will initially be a PDF that our clients will use and anyone can get behind an email wall. Hoping that will help us refine and make it better with the feedback.

    Over time I’ll be turning Dey into a digital product. That will become a daily hub for focus and clarity. Helping people be productive.

    I try to think of zenstoic as a high tier service, Dey as a low tier but more accessible product and the community a public square for everyone to connect.

    We also have about 200+ recorded meditations that we are brainstorming the best way to position and get into peoples playlist. For both high energy and low energy moments. The couple hundred people that have trialed them have given us a lot of positive feedback on it.

    We have clear direction on what we need to do as next steps. Our biggest hurdle is design and copy.

    For example for the Dey PDF I’ve been learning figma and creating both the website and first draft of the planner.

    I have a good sense of the UX but not the UI and less on what to “say”. I’m not great with copy. But we are working through it.

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      Sounds like you're working on a lot of good stuff!

      I wonder how do you go about validating your product ideas?

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        Thank you! It’s an exciting time.

        I have a few ideas on how to validate the product(s).

        It’s a mixture of leveraging building in public, incorporating a community and delivery a minimal unit of value that can be iterated on and grow into a larger vision.

        I’ll walk through applying that to the Dey planner.

        I plan on tweeting, posting on here and sharing with my network updates on it as I iron out the PDF version and website.

        Focusing on the PDF version means I can validate the layout and adjust it easily before writing software.

        It also means I can get it out and into the hands of people ASAP for feedback and adjustments.

        As people get value from the PDF version I can continuously ask for feedback and invite them to join the online community.

        On the community platform they can have even greater input on how to iterate on the PDF.

        My gamble is that will validate and help me zone in on what to translate into a digital app.

        Hope that makes sense. The biggest draw back is the assumption that the PDF translate to a digital app. I think it can though.

        What do you think?

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          This is really good! I think it's a great approach. Love it that you've really embraced the idea of an MVP.

          Beyond twitter and IH, I'd also try to think about where you'd be getting traffic from in the future and maybe do some quick traction tests here and there. It really helps to test the channels, the messaging and the audience - see Step 4 here if not sure what I am talking about.

          Hope it makes sense?

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      Hi! This sounds super interesting, I gather you’re pretty early stage currently, what’s your plans/timeline for launching a product?

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        I will be be updating frequently on here and Twitter all the various “streams” as we make progress.

        The community will launch sometime in March alongside the PDF version of the Dey planner.

        The software side to Dey I’m hoping to have an early version open to the community in the next 90 or so days.

        I’m leaning into growing iteratively with the community vs doing a hard launch with everything done.

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    Hi @rosiesherry and fellow IH'ers, I've been on IH a couple of weeks now and loving it.

    After 30 years in business/tech/startups I have definitely found my tribe ;-)

    I've asked a few questions and I hope I've tried to answer a few too and help out where I can. The group-share on IH is better than anywhere. I was literally laughing just 5 mins ago about how pathetic the zero responses were to a comment I made on Linkedin, and I have 12,000 followers too!! Go figure!

    Tomorrow I put my head into my scripting tools and start on my new side-hustle which I've been designing in my head for a short while.

    http://www.venture.cards/ was only registered an hour ago so still a dead site. It's going to be a great place for startups and founders to build their Venture Card - a one pager deck.

    Venture Cards will also have a great search tool for investors and everybody to find and follow all ventures in a much simpler, useful, fairer and enjoyable way than others that have gone before - including ProductHunt ;-)

    My 14 day hack starts ..... now...

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      hey Steve, this looks cool :) I'm not the biggest fan of LinkedIn myself - very noisy, and lots of people on there from my 'old life' in FS recruitment. I've preferred Twitter and, more recently, micro.blog.

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        yeah that's funny you say that. Linkedin does feel like it's full of those people we all knew back when we were in "proper jobs".

        Maybe that is why I never get any responses to posts on there. Because people look down their noses and think to themselves...

        "oh there's the guy that went off to build his own startups. working for big dull-arsed corporations like we do isn't good enough for him..."

        But annoyingly they all work for companies that we'd like to sell our creations to, so unfortunately we have to hang out on there.

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          I remember when I first quit my job, the fear of others I knew online (LinkedIn especially) judging me/watching my every move was a thing ("what's Jas up to?", "will he make it?", etc).

          My business is for individuals rather than than businesses; though I'd probably still have customers there, even ones I'm connected with, I just really don't like the platform. And I wish I could opt-out of private messages.

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            having said all that, I think the world is changing and sadly in this pandemic a lot of "permies" are realising 9-5 careers aren't as secure as once thought. And many are just thinking "hey that Jas looks like he's been having fun, maybe he was right after all!".

            So I do see a lot of them coming over to the indie world in time. Lets welcome them ;-)

            In fact, now I think about it more, maybe Linkedin is a good place to promote my new ebook on being a founder...hhhmmm, really glad we had this thread @jasraj ;-) Perhaps you too can find an angle to build growth from your Linkedin connections, and maybe we've been a bit hasty to knock it.

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              You know what, Steve, my mind has also been pondering things during this exchange of ours... and a couple of my 'indie friends' from my community are on LinkedIn and have tagged me (nicely) in things. I, too, am thinking about this might be a channel that I could utilise... people are, after all, people and I have no doubt that my audience is on LinkedIn. So, yes, perhaps you're right! Feel free to keep me posted :)

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                ok lets both do it! from now on lets not treat Linkedin as a hostile witness and see if it works. For me, I'm about to launch an ebook aimed at new founders/creators/makers so will push it to linkedin with a fresh assumption and perspective that I will find customers amongst it's huge membership. Here's hoping ;-)

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                  sounds good to me! I'm connected with a few 'startup folks' on LinkedIn, I reckon LinkedIn is great channel for you to utilise. And I'm launching a book aimed at writers/aspiring authors so I'll endeavour to do the same ;) good luck with your launch! Also, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you'd like to, here's mine.

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    Hey Rosie, here's my story:

    As a recovering scientist, I’ve always been comfortable with frameworks, left brain thinking, logic and rationality, structured thought.

    Many years ago, when I was studying innovation and entrepreneurship, searching for the secret sauce. Instead of some sort of magic, I was introduced to a book that opened my eyes.

    I learned that whether I was building a business, investing in one, looking for opportunities or just curious about how one worked there was a systematic way of understanding how a business delivered value to customers and captured value through monetisation strategies.

    Discovering Business Model Canvas blew my mind. It felt like discovering a superpower. The perfect intersection for a scientific mind with an insatiable curiosity for business.

    [Blow Your Mind Wow GIF by Product Hunt]

    Since then, its helped me understand why Amazon created AWS was an obvious move (resource driven). Why Oracle wanted to work with TikTok (Key Partner/Key Resource). And why Ancestry.com started offering DNA tests (a new customer segment). And many, many more.

    Figuring out what fills each box feel like play, like Lego for Entrepreneurs. I love it!

    I'm sharing that play time - breaking businesses down one business model at a time - on Substack. You can find me here - https://businessmodelnerds.substack.com/

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    Hey everyone!

    Recently joined a couple weeks ago to the IH community. I wasn't aware that there was an entire community website with other like-minded individuals like myself, so its neat to be here!

    I'm a software engineer and I'm looking to carve my own little slice of the internet. I have a background in design but transitioned to a front-end development position a few years ago. I've also been doing back-end work (with golang) for a couple years as well. I have a pretty diverse skill set which employers don't necessarily value (specialist > generalist), but as a person who wants to bootstrap some services, I think that will work out in my favor.

    At the moment, I'm currently at the idea stage (the hardest part, haha). I've read that there are a couple ways to go about getting an idea and, once you have one, validating it. So I'm paying close attention to my own needs/others in search of something fun to create.

    I'm looking forward to meeting other indie hackers here! I like helping people, so please don't be shy if you have any tech related questions, or just want to network!


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    Hi everyone!

    I'm an SW engineer from Barcelona. I coded more products than I can remember during the past 10+ years. Now I'm willing to go solo and try to work on a few micro-SaaS ideas in a "small bets portfolio" fashion.

    Validation and marketing sound like an exciting challenge for me to tackle. Although not my field, it feels that it should be possible to model the quest for product-market fit as an iterative, computational model. Can't wait to grind until proving myself wrong 😁

    My first idea revolves around audience/community building, Twitter, and NLP (GPT-3). I plan to share along the way and get involved with the community. Follow me for updates! 🙌🏼

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      Sounds super interesting!

      How are you going to validate, I wonder?

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        Working on the plan as we speak, I have been reading a lot about it.

        I'm thinking of putting together a fake video of the potential product and run it by a few people from my target segments, coupled with some paid ads to gauge demand and test a few concepts around messaging and geographies.

        I will also give a shot to https://startupbuilder.mba/ as it looks like a well-rounded framework to follow (plus, it's from a fellow IH'er!).

        By all means, trying to resist the urge to start coding right away :)

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          This is great, validation is key!

          I'd consider adding some interviews (either before getting people to sign up or once they do). This should give you a much better understanding of why they want your product which would be very helpful.

          I haven't seen the Startup Builder before but looks interesting! Do you recall how you found out about them?

          If you were looking to do some interviews or were looking for some more inspiration - I've put together a little Validation Toolkit here. Hope this helps and good luck!

          1. 1

            thanks so much Lisa! That toolkit is lit 🔥

            I heard about them through the Spaniards group here on IH

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    Hey @rosiesherry!

    I'm new here, I found myself here after listening to a few podcasts on Spotify. I'm a software engineer from Australia and I have a passion for health and fitness.

    My side hustle is building a platform for sleep and mindfulness with a virtual guide (using AI technology).

    The guide is a specialised artificial intelligence built using advanced deep learning technologies to synthesise natural sounding human speech. The synthesised speech is combined with a voice-user interface and closed captioning to create dynamic experiences such as guided meditations and breathing exercises.

    Furthermore, the guide offers high quality audio playback and visualisations for music and sounds to help you relax and/or fall asleep. 😴

    I've been making good progress lately and just launched a beta (https://www.snoozemaker.com/beta)

    1. 2

      Will definitely check this out, I struggle getting sleep sometimes, what’s the response been to the beta so far?

      Great job sor far, keep it up

      1. 1

        Thanks! The response was been overall positive so far, but only managed to get 10 or so testing.

    2. 1

      This sounds really cool! :)

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    Hi everyone!

    A few weeks ago my friends and I had an idea about making a social platform to help people get their next travel route. We want to get our next trip idea in just one click and without the research, because we are all too lazy to do the research for ourselves. So we made a landing page and a website for this idea(https://loopit.dev/); basically just send us the place where you have no idea what spots to visit, and we will find a travel route for you! We wanna know what do you guys think about this idea. Check out the landing page and send us some requests! Or you can contact me directly for more info!


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    Hi everyone!

    I am a long-time lurker on here but I'm starting to actually build instead of just reading. I am hesitant but excited to be here!

    Here's a very basic intro (I'm at the beginning of my Indie Hacker Journey)
    -24, Florida based

    -My main love is fitness + nutrition. I strive to help people become the fittest and happiest version of themselves (fitnessdistillery.substack.com)

    -I am a fintech + design + brand nerd. I have a bunch of ideas I want to start building so if you're interested (I know that's broad) I would love to connect :)

    -Recently graduated from the University of Florida (Information Systems + Digital Art)

    -I train 20+ hours a week to compete in Crossfit

    Looking to connect and converse with as many awesome people as possible and see where this leads!

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    I am from the sun-filled Caribbean. My background is business admin, but I have managerial experience working in Offshore and commercial banking , telecommunications and lately hospitality. I have decided to go full-time on my own projects.

    I am currently working on:

    1. https://irietrip.com - The first marketplace for booking Caribbean travel services. With my experience in this field I have noticed that all of the big players are not giving this part of the world the attention it needs. It is a 35 billion dollar market.

    2. https://piggybankloyalty.com - The first mobile loyalty network for the small businesses in the Caribbean. Currently, only the big supermarkets have their own loyalty card programs, but the fact is that everyone has a mobile phone and cards are outdated, so I intend to switch this up.

    3. https://caricart.com - A complete e-commerce solution for Caribbean-based entrepreneurs to start their own online stores. Kind of like the shopify of the Caribbean. Most of the islands don't have stripe, paypal and others for payments, but some local players have entered the market like wipay, swifpay, jadcash, etc. The cart would incorporate them to be a viable solution.

    I am making progress, but these platforms are very time consuming to develop. The more time passes, the more money is needed to be spent. Funding in this part of the world is a huge obstacle for startups, so I have to take my sweet time since I am using my own funds.

    1. 2

      This all sounds really interesting. I'm curious to ask: how are you splitting your time on the 3? Evenly, or is 1 more of a 'focus'.

      1. 2

        Thanks. I focus on irietrip mostly since it is a much bigger project in terms of development time. The other two I dedicate a day or two per week to. It's not easy though. Time goes by so fast.

        1. 1

          Not enough time in the day right? I do feel more comfortable having a 'primary project' I'm focusing on, though; I think that feels better to me than working on 2/3 evenly (I'm spending about 80% of my time working on INF Club, and the other 20% on a book)

          1. 1

            Yes time is my biggest challenge ATM. What is IMF Club about?

            1. 1

              Indeed, time and work/life balance. And thanks for asking - INF Club is a blog/community for writers & creatives who have an INFP or an INFJ personality type.

              1. 1

                Awesome. I'll have a look 👍

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    Hey all, I am a software developer who recently was pointed towards this group. I have a passion for building and creating, but usually need some guidance when it comes to product and design. I recently built and launched my first startup befounders.com using angular and django which is similar to this forum for finding cofounders. If you have a minute maybe check it out and compare it to what indie hackers is offering on this channel. Would love to get in touch and connect!

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      I am using firefox browser and your website isn't loading....just blank white page

      1. 1

        Should be fixed! Sorry about that and thanks for taking a look

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          Loads now but takes a long time..are you using vuejs?

      2. 1

        Same thing on chrome.

        1. 1

          I think it should be fixed! sorry about that!!

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    I'm also new. I have started an agency that helps growing IT consultants to source and manage offshored resources.

    I have two issues currently. I've gone through my friend list (with some success, two clients and two in the pipeline) but I'm having trouble getting myself taking to people I've not meet before. Probably a mindset issue.

    The second issue is marketing. Although I've been in the consulting world for a while, it's not clear where I find out where these people congregate.


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    My name is Kamal and I've been a IH member for a few months now. I like to multiple things but unfortunately I don't have the time or money to do them all. COVID isn't helping either. My two things that I'm working on at the moment are filmmaking and building my startup.

    My startup is a social list app. It's an idea I've had for a while that I couldn't shake so last year I started learning coding (JAM stack) in earnest and building my MVP.

    Luckily, I have nothing stopping me at the moment so I keep chugging along.

    It's great to be on IH; I've learned a lot and found IHers to be superful. And I do my best to contribute to IH in the limited capacity that I am able.


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    Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

    first of all... what a great community. You ladies and gentlemen rock!

    I've started developing in 2010 as a hobby. By that time it was just a hobby. C# was my first programming language, by that time desktop application where still the thing. For some reasons I did not felt comfortable focusing on desktops only.

    In the next three years I've digged into couple other languages. I just couldn't see any stack which will would make me happy in the future.

    2013 arrived and on the side I've started to dig passionate into online marketing.

    By that time it was much easier to get an overview. So I just read everything what I was able to get.

    The more I read the more it was clear, I want to build stuff.

    So I started to build stuff. In 2013 and 2014 I've created ~14 projects while beeing a software dev trainee.

    All of them failed. But each of them thaught lessons preventing me to repeat those failures again.

    My biggest mistake: Starting/building projects but not validating stuff.

    However it was time to change the way I do stuff.

    Then I tried something I haven't done before... I defined a manifest to follow throughout that time stuff like:

    • learning is the most important factor.
    • no sideprojects for at least one year besides that.
    • validate every step before going deep.

    The project was quite simple.

    Basically that was a theory game what bugged me: On social media platforms you can target very specific people. If you get a commision less than the costs to advertise, you could scale and live with it, without having to worry about customers/storages/...

    So I tried it with watches.

    The first ads I placed where working well and made 400 EUR in commissions and spent just 150 EUR in three days. It looked very promising. So I digged full into it. Created a website. That took me ~6 month to build. I recreated that website, took me 2 weeks less features obviously. That site was so slow in performance. I've rebuilt it again took me ~1 month with all initial features and better design. That site had a full lighthouse scoring on a time where lighthouse was not a built in chrome feature.

    I've rebuild the project multiple times and learned so much.

    And I did a lot of iterations => watches below 500 EUR, a newsletter with watch sales below 500 EUR, a pricetracker for watches below 500 EUR.

    I've started to integrate merchant and shop comparisions.

    The application got bigger, nicer and more stable with each rebuild.

    But my biggest mistake: Stopped listening to the market.

    When I saw the 400 EUR commisions I was sure that social media marketing works. But after that I never challenged that question again. So I stopped listening to the market.

    I tried months to find out what has changed from the first week to next weeks. I placed the exact same ads, the exact same customers. Different outcomes.

    So I started to dig deeper into ad strategies, and learned again a lot.

    But the core problem maintained.

    I've stopped listening.

    The problem was not the solution, but that there was no problem to solve.

    In Lean Startup (Eric Ries) were three questions which pointed me in a new direction:

    • are your customers aware of the problem?
    • are they willing to put money to solve the problem?
    • are they willing to buy your solution?

    Obviously my customers are not wlling to buy my solution.

    Because I'm optimist and this project is my learning project I still haven't put that project down but paused it.

    Since 3 years my projects are no longer my own projects.

    I somehow stumbled into the situation where I need money and people are willing to pay for getting stuff build. Since then I'm building stuff for others.

    Since 2 years I even work for a company which is really fun to work with but the passion to find product market fit myself is still here.

    While focusing on watch project I hated the idea that so many new project ideas pop up and they would be never solved.

    So I created a document and once an idea pops up I write it down.

    This list now contains a little bit over 100 ideas and I'm looking forward into summer to launch the first products from that list.

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    Hi, I am a computer engineer. I just graduated from university. I am developing mobile applications. I would love for you to try my new app. You can reach from the links. I will be glad if you download, share and feedback. Thanks :)

    Meleke - Habit Tracker

    iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/meleke-habit-tracker/id1550200347

    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meleke

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    Hi All! I'm from Brazil. I'm CM of a corporate accelerator just for 3 yrs and always learning #LifeLongLearning I love to connect people and understand how can I help them and foster the innovation here in Rio de Janeiro. I'll be glad to connect to other Community Managers or even startups in order to change experience and share knowledgement.

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    Hi Rosie!

    I'm Vito, a web developer from Italy now based in Espoo, Finland, after having been in the UK for several years.

    I have worked in various fields over the years. My most important jobs have been for a tour operator (building booking engines for travel and accommodation), then an advertising company (building a lead generation platform) and then at my last job I was lead developer for one team for a company that sells software and services for cloud management. I was responsible for a system that collects data from many clouds around the world among other things.

    I left my job in 2016 and had to be out of work for a while because of health reasons, although I tried to keep my skills up to date in a way or another.

    A bit over a couple of years ago I started to work on a sort of multi cloud Heroku competitor based on Kubernetes, but eventually I gave up, at least for now. It was too big and ambitious as a project for myself alone, and it would have taken a long time to build, plus I didn't have the money to cover various expenses with infrastructure.

    After another bad period I was looking for something to do to go back to work, something less ambitious than my previous project and that I could work on alone more easily.

    I have been blogging on technical topics (web development and devops) since 2010 and have used many types of tools for that, from full blown content management systems that do a lot of stuff like Wordpress, to static site generators.

    I didn't like the existing tools too much because all I needed was a tool to publish content easily and quickly and without having to worry about performance and security as is typical with Wordpress sites.

    There are many alternatives that go in the opposite direction by being too minimalist for my taste.

    I wanted something that sits in between, with the essential features purely for blogging so you can focus on writing content with no distractions, but at the same time I wanted something more than the very minimum in terms of features and customization.

    So I thought I'd work on such a tool as my new project and have been working on it full time for a few months. It's called DynaBlogger and you can find it at www.dynablogger.com.

    I am not in the best financial shape at the moment because I have been living with my family mostly using our savings for a while now, so I may have to look for a job soon but I will work on DynaBlogger at the same time, hoping that one day I will be able to pay rent and bills with it and perhaps fund my original, bugger project with that income.

    That would be massive for me. But I know it's gonna take time, if I will ever manage to make it work. I currently have around 50 users, not all of them are active (I think many signed up out of curiosity) and only a few are paid now. So I am looking to improve that.

    The most difficult thing for me, that affects my progress a lot, is things like marketing and promotion since I've always been a coder and have no idea of how to do these things. I am reading IH and some books, watching talks etc to try and get some inspiration for that.

    Well that's me. :)

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    Hey all 👋

    I'm a long-time entreprenuer, ex-corporate marketing & sales guy, with one private exit in the IAM industry a few years ago. I ran the program which is now known as the Samsung Experience Store in Best Buy North America, have worked with deep-tech academic teams, corporate innovation and R&D labs, and the U.S. govt/defense/intelligence communities having fun with emerging technologies (pick a buzz word, I've probably been there done that).

    Over the last few years I've invested in and sold micro-businesses (not just SaaS), affiliate and e-commerce sites, and dabbled in crypto. I'm the annoying "WHY?" guy cause I want to understand at a deep level, if possible, but that's how I learn from amazingly smart people.

    I'm working on a new full-time business in the contextual intelligence and advertising industry with my partners, ex-CTO IBM North America, and a former digital influencer agency owner. We're still early stages with some cool pilots under our belt like an NBA team. We're about to launch or first ad product for live streamers to make money passively by doing what they love; live streaming.

    In my free time, I'm looking to acquire a business or two to play around with and grow.

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    Hey, I'm Konstantin from Germany. I have run my own business since I'm 16 (now almost 40). Most of the time, I do IT services and software development for customers. Web/Mail Hosting was the beginning of this journey, later building websites for customers, etc.

    I had to build up expertise in email hosting through these years as it got harder and harder. Fighting spam, getting user accounts hacked and spam through their accounts, managing reputation. If you tried it, you know what I'm talking about.

    As the number of servers grew and more and better spam systems passed my "lines of defense", I had to do something about it - mostly the recurring spam user have seen over and over again. That was when I've started to analyze the traffic based on IPs, networks, providers, etc. What I've found were professional providers, distributed systems.

    What I needed was a blacklist and a whitelist I could manage myself. The results were terrific.

    Years later, the management of these lists got more and more complex. That's why I've started to build a service I could use for myself and my customers. Since last year this child has a name. It was cold MailMum.

    I joined IndieHackers to make MailMum my full-time project. I'm looking for community like-minded business bootstrappers to focus and get this up the ground.

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a long time listener, and occasional lurker in the forums here! haha. I hope to some day be able to give some knowledge back to this community that has helped me immensely, and continues to perpetually inspire me.

    I will keep this short because well, time is limited for me these days...

    About me: I'm a software developer, with a broad range of interests and a broad range of experience. I make full stack seem like a specialty ;-) haha. This sucks for finding jobs that want 10+ years experience in X. Out of a desire to be flexible in what I build, and throw my time into, I am a consultant/freelance dev and bootstrapped solo business(s).

    Working on: Supporting open source projects that foster decentralization, privacy, and innovation. Through this support I learn and build. Working on building out more passive or low touch revenue streams to free up more time to spend building and with family. First part of 2021 is a big building push, hopefully I will have things that I can share here that I have built mid 2021 if all goes well ;-)

    Limitations on progress: Limited time, and time sucks. Biggest time suck is scammers. I can't just let them keep scamming people and now I see them everywhere (YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Telegram...) I know it's wacamole, but I can't sleep knowing I did nothing and they scammed someone's mom, dad, or kid... Maybe I should farm out and make a product "Catch a scammer bounty app. Report a scammer, earn $" haha

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    Hi guys, this is Alex. You can read everything about me on twitter:
    Follow me and I follow back: https://twitter.com/intent/follow?screen_name=aswings8

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    Hi Rosie and the Indie Hacker community.

    I have no idea if I'd be classed as an indie hacker but wanted to share with this great community anyhow.

    I work full time in the natural environment industry but have always wanted to start my own business/side business.

    I joined the wonderful LaunchMBA community two weeks ago which has been fantastic and full of support and encouragement.

    I narrowed down my ideas to an audience I'm keen to serve and discovered a subreddit with 49k members on it (which is about 47k more than I expected) and have started interacting on it.

    Based on what I've seen, and to learn some skills, I've started to create a directory website for this community and have learned to use Airtable and Pory this week which I've loved .

    I'm a bit shy to share my journey because it's not exactly earth shattering to all the amazing people on here, but thought I would in case there is anyone else out there who can relate and is still doing such baby steps as mine ha ha.

    I love reading the stories on here and plan to keep learning from others, sharing and supporting where I can and growing my skills.

  22. 1

    Hey 👋

    I'm a software engineer. Previously worked on different engineering aspects and leadership in a crypto startup.

    And now I want to share all my experience through a few services.
    Mostly cyber security related. (Being in charge of security in a crypto startup is tough and teaches a lot haha 😄)

  23. 1

    Hello All,
    I am a SEO guy with around years of experience in SEO and video editing field. Now planning to start my own service based company without any automation systems(as of now, due to lack of money). Once I start earning from my projects, I can build online system which can be automated.

  24. 1

    Hi all

    I'm currently a CTO for an enterprise SaaS organisation however lately I've been working hard on building a low-code, no-tools cloud hosting platform. Essentially the goal is to create an ultra-simplified platform for building and hosting full-stack web apps, APIs, static files, serverless functions... you name it. No git, no CLI, no route configs, no docker/containers, just write code in the browser and hit deploy for instant live services.

    This came about from frustration with existing solutions that require so many up front decisions to be made before you can even get into the coding / logic side of things. Sometimes you just need to host a simple web-form with some custom workflow/notifications upon submission. Maybe you need to lock it down with a password or to specific IP addresses... Whatever it is, the platform I'm creating will allow you to create and test live services quickly without worrying about your tech stack, boilerplate code, compute + storage options etc.

  25. 1

    Everyone's into stocks rightnow, I'm trying to make a million $ app.

  26. 1

    Hi Everyone,

    I ended up building out this idea and I wanted to let you know that Fastur is (almost) ready.

    I'm giving away 3 free plans using code free to gather feedback.

  27. 1

    I'd like to research something related to 3D AI. It's an interesting space! 😜😜

  28. 1

    hi all, I'm a software engineer, always had side projects and the aim to work on my own stuff. This year I've started writing tech tutorials on my own blog (https://www.pedroalonso.net), after writing several times for other big publications. I'd like to build my own audience and keep writing software which is what I really like doing.

  29. 1

    This is so kind of you, Rosie! I have been on Indie Hackers for a few months and still trying to figure out the best way to be part of the community. I am working on building a community for diverse and overlooked tech talent to showcase their potential to employers through social impact hackathons.


    1. 1

      I'd love insight into how Essteem works, how hard is it to find the customers to support the hackathons, the process of bringing people together and actually getting people participating.

      You could write a whole post about it, maybe break it down into parts (e.g. 'How I organize hackathons') or maybe do an AMA?

      1. 1

        Omg, the blog idea is brilliant! Didn't think about it. Sponsors/Employers are generally excited about the hackathons but getting them to sign an agreement is the problem because most tech teams feel it will be too much work. The blog will help with breaking it down. I'd like to learn more about doing an AMA. Would we host it? Thank you for the quick response!!

        1. 1

          You can post the AMA, just be prepared to spend a bit of time answering the questions, ideally on the same day, or clarify in the post when you will answer them.

  30. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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