Are you an ethical-centric e-commerce brand? I need your help.

I'm looking for volunteers with an ecom, ideally in fashion, shop that feel they could benefit from brand clarity to maximize their marketing strategy.

I run two POD (print-on-demand) shops and they're both making just shy of $1K/monthly sales. There's a few things I'm trying to get a better understanding on and it would be helpful to let me make a case study out of you.

The qualifier:

  • 15-min call to learn about what your brand is and if we're a good match by answer 10 questions.

The deal:

  • Set aside 2-3 hours for me to interview you about your brand;
  • We'll hit core topics such as mission, vision, values, audience, competitors, and unique value proposition;
  • I'll package your responses in a neat, actionable PDF that will essentially become your playbook that can be used for your Facebook/Instagram ads marketing, website copy, social media posts, articles, PR releases, etc..
  • We'll reconvene 30 days later to quantify impact.

The investment:

  • your time
  • a video testimonial

My main side hustle informs my other POD pet projects, but I need to be able to step outside my own brands to get more "objective" insights.

Thanks for your time,

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