Are you building a privacy focused product?

For the past couple of months I have been writing a newsletter (CurePrivacy newsletter) addressing online privacy and security related topics.

Starting with the next issue I will include a privacy focused product section. If you are working on a privacy focused product or addressing online privacy as part of your work and want to be featured in my newsletter please get in touch✋🏼🙂

You can leave a comment here or DM me on Twitter.

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    We're working on Plausible Analytics, a privacy focused and open source alternative to Google Analytics.

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      Awesome, thanks Marko! I subscribed to your blog just the other day :)

      Really liked the article about not having to use conventional marketing techniques to market your product.

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        glad to hear you enjoyed the article Nico, thanks!

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    Hi there. I'm building beampipe.io - a privacy-focussed web analytics tool similar to fathom and plausible (though hopefully increasingly distinct in terms of feature set :-)).

    Have subscribed to your newsletter - look forward to reading it!

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      Thanks Alex. I'm actually trying out beampipe.io out on cureprivacy.com. Really like the simplicity of the user interface!

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        Oh nice that's good to hear. Please feel free to send any feedback my way [email protected] :-)

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    At monadd.io we're helping people update their address across their accounts - UK-based at the moment - and helping them get a private view into the management of their admin. I've been making the business model more and more privacy-focused.

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    Hi, I'm working on a privacy learning tool that hopefully simplifies how data collection works. I would love to collaborate with anyone on this thread :)

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    Hi Nico. This is a great idea. I was reading your post from August 5th re substack emailing a bunch of people in the "to" field to expose their addresses. I also read on another thread here that their privacy policy is not great.

    I'm the founder of ChangedMyNumber.com - we help people protect their real number when they are dealing with companies who might spam them or be subject to a data breach which reveals their home address and other personal information. Would be delighted to be included!

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      It's a very interesting concept. I know a lot of similar solutions exist for protecting your email, but not for your phone number.

      Thanks for sharing!

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    Building decent.social, an ad-free & privacy-first Twitter reading experience

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      This is an interesting concept. I see that you use Nitter behind the scenes which I use and have been really enjoying!

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        Awesome! Thanks for the feedback! Make sure to subscribe to get in the free beta :)

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      That looks awesome. I see you're launching in October - nice😎

      For interest's sake, how do you plan on monetizing this app?

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    SongBox is privacy focussed but it's more privacy as in "I want to share something JUST with these specific people and not the world" as opposed to like "encryption and security" privacy.

    However the privacy part is my key usp.

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      Hey Mick, it's an interesting concept. It is a platform where you can share your "draft" music with people privately before making it publicly available. Am I understanding it correctly? Can you sell your music on SongBox as well?

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        Yeah it can be draft music or unreleased music. That’s definitely one use case. Others use it to send finished music but they want to know who is listening to it and for how long etc.

        No you can’t sell your music. It’s a possible future development but it’s not really what songbox is for.

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      This looks quite interesting. Thanks Petr!

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    Sure am, already messaged you on Twitter earlier but posting here for posterity.

    Portabella is my stab at a privacy preserving version of Trello/Asana/Jira/etc.

    Big redesign coming soon!

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    Nice work! For the products that I am building I always consider privacy important. The closest that comes close to "privacy focused" is MyPaas because it allows deploying websites/apps on a PaaS, while doing analytics server side, without a 3d party.

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      Thanks Almar! I'll check out MyPaas. I like the fact that it is open sourced as well👌🏼

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