April 15, 2019

Are you guys following what Earnest Capital is doing?

Jay Clouse @jayclouse

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the Indie Hackers community here, and excited to dive in. I recently interviewed Tyler Tringas of Earnest Capital and Kevin McArdle of SureSwift Capital, and I know they are close to the crew here.

One of my favorite interviews we've done (we spoke with Rob at TinySeed a few months ago too) and thought you would all appreciate the perspective as well since they've built Earnest for y'all.

My question: What other alternative financing vehicles have you seen?


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    indie.vc is another one in the conversation. They are a step up in stage vs earnest and tinyseed.

    The other alt-funding model in this arena becomes revenue-based financing.

    https://lightercapital.com 15k MRR+
    https://www.revupfund.com/ 40k MRR+
    https://timiacapital.com/ 80K MRR+

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      Oh fantastic -- I had heard of indie.vc but none of these other three. We will check them out!

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        Some of those models are pretty good. Aside from that, there is always bank loans. We actually have a line of credit from a bank as a backup but does require 2 years in business.

        Once you're over the hump have and a bit of revenue, the options start to open up.

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    I'm so fascinated that there aren't MORE funds like Earnest and TinySeed, tbh.

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      got some great insight from @jlogic on a few more below!

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    Going to give it a listen!

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      Looking forward to your thoughts, Dave!

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        The approach seems very pragmatic actually and helps fill a huge gap. Exciting to see this type of funding gaining peers. The geographical parallels are so so strange lol! Thanks for conducting this interview, I’ll listen again in Magnus Rush so I can bookmark the nuggets!

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      Cool. I'll check out your podcast. Love the "outside valley" tilt.

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        thanks man -- looking forward to any feedback you have.

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