Are you indie hacking a mobile app?


I'd love to hear from indie hackers who are focusing on mobile products.

I'm pinning this post to the Mobile group to make it easier to find and hopefully inspire more people to start their own mobile products.

  • What are you building?
  • Why are you building it?
  • How's it going?
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    I am building Taskito . It's a timeline based task management app. It has over 50K+ downloads on Google Play and steady growth now.

    I started building Taskito last year as a way to keep track of my work. I submitted my work to reddit and got ton of feedback. Taskito focuses more on your schedule rather than number of tasks / goals. It integrates events, tasks, reminders into one timeline so you can see your complete schedule for the day / week.

    I am planning to expand the app by providing account sync & web support.

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      Really cool, I had a similar idea with my calendar todo list app: https://getartemis.app. What's your monetization strategy like? I'm thinking of making mine a paid subscription.

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        The mock-up looks great. I would love to try it out.

        Currently, the app offers "add-ons" or premium features as in app purchase. There are 5 add-ons which users can buy separately (depending on what they need) or get the bundle at a discount rate.

        The monthly revenue is just enough to keep me motivated to grow the product. But it's not sustainable if I want to grow the product long term. I am planning to move towards subscription model as well.

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      I'm having trouble to focus recently, will give it a try. From the play store page, it looks good!

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      Looks awesome, love your landing page & the app design. I enjoy simple clean apps like this. I like the name too. Any story behind the name at all?

      Would love to hear about any tips/takeaways you may have regarding IAPs too.

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        There's a story behind name & logo.

        At first, it was called Reflog. Derived from git reflog — Showing all your logs. Users liked the concept of timeline and wanted to have tasks. So I added tasks and reminders. I changed the name to WerkLog (and the logo too). The name was a hit & miss. It wasn't catchy and didn't convey the direction the app was heading in.

        After much deliberation, I chose the names Taskito. It was also supported by an available domain, social media handles and no other app had this name. I changed the logo as well.

        ASO/SEO tanked for a couple of weeks. But then it picked up better than before.


        Regarding IAPs, I have tried to always be transparent about it. Instead of 1 big premium pack, the app offers multiple smaller premium add-ons. Reminders, Organizer, Calendar, etc. There's a bundle as well which includes all the current & future add-ons.

        All the premium features have some sort of free trial. Themes add-on has 15 days of free trial. Organizer free trial allows users to create 2 projects.

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          Very cool story about naming your app! I did something similar with my main app, but I waited a very long time to realize I was wrong & also didn't take it very serious in the early days. I like your thought process on that & that you were able to get the social handles you want.

          For the IAP stuff, makes sense - curious how you handle the free trial logic? Is that via a Google billing feature or do you do some kind of logic yourself to track how long someone uses a premium feature with your own flags?

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            It was same with me regarding the name. I was using Week Log for almost 8 months. After changing to Taskito, I started seeing results in just a month.

            Free trial logic is with some flags / data stored in the app itself. Every time a premium action is performed, the app checks if the feature is enabled or in free trial. If not, show a prompt for the premium.

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              Happy the name change is working out & neat to hear how you approach Trial IAP, definitely an area that I think would be cool to have outlined by more people to learn best practices because dealing with IAP logic can be a lot of work especially with testing.

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      Hey, is it all organic growth or you advertised it somehow?

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        I have used Google ads to get some downloads. But 90% is organic growth.

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      Hey jay I think that's an amazing idea! Ever looked into expanding to iOS? I'm an iOS dev and do full stack as well would love to connect :)

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    Hey all,

    I'm working on Amicu App Store - a contact manager with reminders to keep in touch with people.

    I'm solving my own problem here.

    From traveling, volunteering and living abroad I know people in many places. Catching up is awesome, but I often forget. I almost don't use social media so that doesn’t nudge me.

    I also got tired of other contacts app due to bad privacy and UX or them shutting down after being acquired.

    It's growing slowly, but steady. I have only very few subscribers. But recently I got 300 upvotes on Reddit. I want to launch at ProductHunt soon.

    My own need is solved, I learned a lot, but it's not a commercial success yet. I need around 4-5 more subscribers to pay the operating costs. I have 350 monthly active users.

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      Have been wanting something just like this, doubly so with the pandemic. Downloaded and looking forward to checking it out 🙌

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        Thank you! You can send me feedback anytime.

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      Congrats on the subscribers. I know the struggle. I wish was an iPhone user I would check it out. I have the same issue with contacts. I work in 5 different capacities, professional life, a military life, school life, startup, and personal. I have to communicate with all of them and only remember with routine of going through apps.

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        Thanks! If you want you can signup for the android waitlist. There's also some other apps out there for the web or android, if you don't want to wait.

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    Personally, I've lost faith in the app market. Improving the mobile presence of your SaaS by building a native app for it, sure why not. But competing with the myriads of copy cats now rampaging on both major app stores is not something I'd ever waste my time with again.

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      Doesn't sound you had a great experience with developing mobile apps. :)

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    I've built a macOS and iOS flash card app called Fresh Cards. I just released it in the App Store this weekend.

    I've been working on it on the side for the last year, mostly for fun, but did plan on releasing it. I built it because I hated most of the flash card apps and services I tried. There wasn't anything I could find that had easy to use UI, wasn't subscription based, and had powerful features.

    The next step now is to get the word out, which obviously is a challenge if you're a dev!

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      Looks very nice! Are you using your CRDT db for this in production? I'm sure you could get some users on Reddit.

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        Thank you! Yes, I'm using the simple CRDT db I made for it. I'm quite happy that it's working quite well. Syncing without having to write a backend was very important for me to keep costs and maintenance down. So far syncing is working very smoothly for me, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

        I posted in a couple of places on Reddit. There are tweaks I'm making as people try it out, so I'm doing a slow roll out for now.

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          Interesting! I also want to have sync without a backend for my app, but I use GRDB as SQLite wrapper. I looked at CloudKit, but I didn't start any work yet.

          Yeah that makes sense. I got a ton of feedback for my app in r/SideProject and implement some of it now before doing a "mini launch" again.

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          App looks great! I like that you use iCloud sync. I was gonna ask did you post on r/apple for the promo day? I've been meaning to do that for my iOS app at some point.

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            Thank you! No, I haven't posted on r/apple. I didn't even think to do that. I posted on r/macapps and r/sideproject so far.

            One thing that's clear to me now that it's in the App Store is I need to make the screenshots snappier and improve the "SEO" of the app a bit so it shows up in certain search terms.

            I'm going to clean up a few things and then post it to more places. It's definitely a learning experience!

            1. 2

              Nice! Good to hear. Yeah for r/apple I just looked & seems to be rule 7, look at previous posts for how others position themselves. Hope you get good results with all the improvements!

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                Thank you! And thanks for the tip.

                1. 1

                  Yeah np! Let us know how it goes with a post if you want to share later :)

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    I'm building a native iOS client for Indie Hackers called Moon.

    It started as a scratch to my own itch and turned out to be something lots of IHers are looking for. I love IH on a desktop browser but on mobile the app feels slow, unresponsive and navigation is unintuitive because its not native to iOS.

    As for how its going, I'd say pretty good! In terms of user happiness its going great. People love it and are excited about where its going.

    In terms of founder happiness its a constant struggle to find time to put in deep work on the product (kids, Covid, day jobs, etc) but I'm doing what I can and staying positive! I hope to get it out of beta by the end of 2020 🤞

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      Just signed up for the beta I can’t wait!

      1. 1

        Cheers Shane! Let me know your thoughts or requests 👍

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      This is great to hear. I love IH so being able to view it on mobile would be really beneficial 🙌🏼 Signed up for beta!

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        I have trouble viewing and interacting with IH on my phone too. Try turning your phone to landscape. That helps me - can see companies people have founded on their profiles and upvote things. Still a bit slow, so Moon can help there.

        1. 1

          Good point! Let me know if you have any feedback on the app

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            Definitely looks professionally done. If you could some how get an endorsement from Courtland or even some of the top IH that would go a long way. Saw you already got Arvid. 👍

            Bookmarks! Obviously, ppl can just use browser bookmarks or other tools, but personally I think this is a feature IH needs.

            Where is the Levi D link at the bottom supposed to go?

            1. 1

              Thanks Dustin!

              One day I'll get that endorsement from Courtland lol. No big deal if not, though. He's been supportive of me building a third party client and that's all I can ask for.

              Bookmarks were definitely one of the driving reasons I wanted to create Moon and are still on the roadmap. But it actually sounds like Courtland is working on bookmarks in IH already so I may not have to roll my own 🤞

              Thanks for the heads up on that link from the landing page. It still routed to my old IH username levidxyz so I updated it now. Cheers!

              1. 1

                You are welcome. Have a relaxing and/or productive weekend!

      2. 1

        Thanks Tony! Let me know what your feedback is 🙏

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    I’ve just launched a new version of Fells - an iOS app for logging your adventures in the Lake District, UK. It’s very niche!

    I built it as a way to look back on previous trips and to plan my next one. It’s been a nice distraction whilst not been able to visit this year.

    Really happy with how it’s turned out though.


    1. 2

      Looks nice, hope I can go hiking there one day. I'd increase the font size a bit on your landing page for the subheader for readability.

      Did you promote it locally and offline somehow?

      1. 2

        Thanks for the feedback! Not at the moment - tried to do a bit more work on ASO for this version and a bit of Twitter. I'd like to do something more local eventually, especially as it's so niche.

    2. 1

      Very cool & looks great, solving your own problem feels good :D. So is the data for locations just local to the app? If so, I imagine if you standardize the data structure you could make apps for other big areas in the world with lots of hiking/outdoor activities.

      1. 2

        Thanks! Definitely helps building something you’ll actually use yourself in the first instance.

        It could be easily redeployed with a different dataset, currently looking at making a UK wide version. Also got a few ideas for repurposing the app for other sectors.

        1. 1

          Very cool! Yeah the first thing I thought of was all those different tour guide apps by companies like Lonely Planet. Good luck on this! I bet you could find super niche places on Reddit that would like this if you haven't shared there already.

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    Do PWAs count?

    I'm building Zlappo, the ultimate Twitter growth tool, because there's tremendous value in building an audience on Twitter and then monetizing via content, like tweet storms (threads), auto-retweets, auto-plugs, etc.

    Progress is great, we're seeing new paying users from various niches that I never even expected, and MRR going steadily up!

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    Rosie! Thank you for facilitating this conversation.

    Our team is working on KOYA. We make it easy to "show up" for your loved ones through location-specific gifts and messages. 💕We wanted to make it possible to show up for the moments that matter, big or small.

    For the young at heart, you can also gamify the KOYA experience by sending hints. ✨

    We’ve been live since 2019, but recently began to see product-market fit with couples in long-distant relationships. The good news is that there are more than 14 million US couples in an LDR. 💑

    You can learn more about KOYA here —>> https://getkoya.com/

    If you decide to try it, I would love to hear your feedback.

    1. 1

      Nice, cool concept. I like the use case of a manager treating their remote employees that you mention on your website. Curious if there's a story behind the KOYA name?

      1. 3

        Hello Rene! Thanks for the kind words. KOYA stands for Kindness On YA.

        As a team, we wanted to create a product that could span the distance and brighten someone's day!

        1. 1

          Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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      also have an official page: https://falcon9.co/

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    Hey Rosie ☺️ hope you’re doing well! thanks for showing some love for mobile products!

    Our team is working on a personal finance application designed to accelerate a healthier financial future for the younger generation. 💸

    In addition to the tools we offer, we’re also working with strategic partners with a wealth of experience in the finance sector to help educate users on the psychology behind their money habits and how to gain a strong financial foundation! 🧠

    We’ve been growing ever since our launch in July! We recently deployed Version 2.0 and we’ll be releasing our Budgeting section this week ✨

    Check out our landing page / app page here!
    ❤️ I recently updated our landing page. Would love to get feedback.


    1. 1

      Hey website looks great & always nice to see a new take on personal finance! I notice your website is using React, is that built with Nextjs or Gatsby?

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    I'm building GitJournal - It's a markdown based notes app built on top of Git.

    I've grown increasingly frustrated by how difficult it is to manage your data - specifically notes - if you want to keep them completely private and ever lasting. At some point I started keeping them in Git as many other developers do, this is easy to do on a desktop, but there is just no easy way to do this on the mobiles. More and more of my life is now spent in front of tablets and mobiles.

    Honestly, it's going great - I've reached about 650 euros of revenue this month. This is with the target market being "you should know about git". It's really resonating with other developers, and growing at a decent pace. I'm now working on it full time and I hope to reach break-even levels in a few months. (About ~2k).

    It was challenging to find a revenue model that works, as this isn't a classical SASS product and my users seem to be tired of subscriptions. I'm writing October's summary right now, but feel free to read about September - https://gitjournal.io/blog/2020-10-01-sept-update/

    1. 1

      I think it is really cool that the project is open-source as well. Have you seen a lot of app downloads come from GitHub referrals?

      1. 2

        I don't have concrete numbers since I haven't found a way to track it, but I definitely see about 5-6 people star the repo everyday and it gets recommended by word of mouth far more because it is open source.

        In fact, I've had people be more receptive to bugs and making donations because it's fully open source. Even the pro features.

        1. 1

          That's great, I like the open-source approach for building trust with potential users.

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    Actually I have already release the first version of my android app on google play store around a week ago. This app is specifically for Indian farmers. It shows daily updated prices of different crops from all over India.
    I am working on it as I think there is a lot which can be done in software tech to make farmer's life easier especially in India.
    As told first version is already out. And I am currently working on some more improvements.
    This is the link if anyone finds it interesting and have some feedback

    1. 3

      This is really amazing! Although I am unable to use the app, I loved reading the positive reviews on the app store. Thank you for sharing.

      1. 2

        Thanks for taking the time to check it out. Hope the positive reviews keep coming.

    2. 2

      This is really great, I love your mission to help Indian farmers!

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    In July I published the 22 Dividends app for iOS and Android for dividend investors. The app focuses on the management of portfolios and less on the research for new stocks. The strength of dividend investing is that the dividend is much less volatile than the share price. I try to put this into focus and thus reduce stress for the user.

    The technical infrastructure of the app is stable. The next step is to scale-up the audience (something new for me).

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    I am building Pleke https://pleke.com/ a personal finance app for android and iphone

    I wanted an app with some special features like dealing with finance payments, credit card statements and payments and dealing with budget on a cash basis, which means the budget item is affected on the month the cash leaves your account (might be after 40 days for credit card purchases)

    I plan on launching it at the end of this month on PH

    1. 2

      Awesome! Best of luck for your PH launch!

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    I've taken longer getting my MVP ready by creating shared backend services. So whilst I'm launching the website first, I can leverage the same code for the mobile app

    For me the balance is working out what to do first. I've built the technology platform to make the mobile app an easier second phase. The challenge is trying to get something ready for the first phase, whilst also not being so focused on MVP that anything extra becomes too hard

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    Awesome, wasn't aware that there is a mobile group here.

    What are you building?
    Wishpy - https://wishpy.com/
    It's a wishlist app. You save what you want and if you sign up through phone number then friends who have the app and you in the contact book can sneak-peak what you wish for.

    Currently Android is released, iOS coming soon.

    Why are you building it?
    First I've started to build is to play with Flutter (I'm native Android dev), but it was going on so easily that I actually proceeded to have a public build.
    Also, I've received some feedback, that people would like to use it.

    How's it going?
    It's around 6 months I'm building it after hours, but overall great. This time I'm doing all by myself so I needed to learn a little bit more about NoSQL DB (Firebase Firestore) to tackle it properly.

    I've never build anything on iOS so I'm figuring out this part now.

    Flutter is such a great framework. In normal conditions I'd have to find additional iOS developer to finish this project on both platforms.

    So far I just have couple of users, but I want to test it on a small group, to see what costs Firebase will generate.

    1. 1

      I think it's cool you moved into the cross-platform realm with Flutter. I don't know Flutter but I built my Android app natively & then made my iOS app in React Native. It's cool to see how both platforms work & get apps deployed for both stores.

      Any thoughts on monetization yet? I imagine with what the app does, you won't have users storing super massive wish lists (I could be wrong) so I would think your future potential Firebase cost could be minimal if the pricing is still on the number of read/writes.

      1. 2

        If you played with React Native then definitely I recommend giving Flutter a try. Usually I was sceptic regarding those frameworks, but Flutter really does the trick.

        I want to suggest users shops where they can buy product they wishlisted and earn on commissions.

        True, Firebase cost should be minimal. I think that Firebase Storage might be the biggest cost :)

        1. 1

          Oh awesome good idea. On Flutter, I wish I had time to learn another platform atm but not sure I will for quite some time but it's definitely on my radar!

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    I'm building http://appstorespy.com/ It's a new Mobile App Intelligence

  17. 2

    SnapMob (https://www.snapmob.io) is on-demand affordable photography. With our app anyone can be a paid photographer. Simple to use UI/UX. Users can take photos with their smartphone or a camera, upload the pictures and send them to customers. There is no scheduling, no endless phone calls, no expensive or time-consuming photoshoots.
    We remove the anxiety of scheduling a photographer because now anyone can be your photographer.
    SnapMob is perfect for people looking to make extra cash, photographers looking to fill their calendar, students seeking to practice skills, and vendors seeking to make additional income - simply by taking photos.

    1. 1

      FYI: I'm getting SSL certificate errors on your site.

      1. 1

        Yeah. Its the second time I heard that in 2 months. What's error? I need to check on that. bet you are on safari.

        1. 1

          You get a big yellow warning sign in Firefox and need to add an exception. 99% people won't do that. The reason is that your SSL certificate is only valid for snapmob.io but not www.snapmob.io

          Firefox says:

          Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead

          Websites prove their identity via certificates. Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for www.snapmob.io. The certificate is only valid for snapmob.io.

          Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

          1. 1

            Yeah. I will bring it up to devs. Search engines find the right site. For some reason it navigates to a version of the site that doesn't have an ssl. I wonder how many people that happens too??. Thank you. Overall the site has an SSL but that version still persists. I recognize an ssl cert is a big deal. Never intended not have one. This us a fluke... thank you for testing and telling me

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    I'm building https://houndreminders.com. It's an app to schedule reminders to other people.

    I built it to remind my parents to take medication when I was not present to manage it myself.

    It's going fine! I get 3 or 4 new users per month and I have conversations going with several of them where they ask for features. It's fun to maintain something that a small group of people find useful.

    1. 1

      This is really cool, how was it getting started with Twilio & implementing it?

      1. 1

        The app itself doesn't communicate with twilio at all, actually. I use rails on the back-end and there is a pretty easy plug and play ruby gem for twilio.

        1. 1

          Nice, that's good to know.

    2. 1

      Nice app, how much is your Twillio cost.

      1. 1

        Thanks! It's $0.0075 per message sent plus $1/mo for the phone number.

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    Hi! I'm currently working on my the new App for photo editing.

    I had a lot of request from my other app users that they are missing some functionality, so I thought of creating a better version for them.

    It's going pretty well. I spent last 4 month on it and today submitted it to the AppStore for review. 🤞
    So far got only 200 testers, most of them came from the post on reddit and twitter. You check the beta version of Cre8 - Photo Editor on Airport.

    1. 1

      Congrats on your new app submission! I bet it's a great feeling!

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    With Midwest Streams we are making a major push into the mobile space. We are a live streaming company that used to work from a camera attached to a laptop. We just launched our IOS app in August and it’s been a game changer!! Everyone loves how easy it is to stream from a phone. It also improved our stream quality.

    We plan on pushing even further into the mobile space, and running our entire SaaS off of a mobile app.

    1. 1

      Nice! From the name, is everyone based in the Midwest? I'm in Iowa myself.

      1. 1

        We used to be based out of Fargo. But I got too cold and moved to Texas. We're in the process of changing our name to better reflect what we are doing.

  21. 2

    I’m not sure if it counts as a mobile app, you be the judge of that.

    My mission is to make web apps and web plugins feel less like the web (you know, slow and clunky), they should be just as awesome and fluid as native.

    To that end I’m currently building version 2 of Doka Image Editor and the interactions on mobile rival or surpass that of native image editing apps. And this is on my old iPhone SE.

    I’m hoping to publish this new version by the end of the month, 2 years after releasing the first version of Doka.

    See a video here: https://twitter.com/rikschennink/status/1277882832371752960?s=20

  22. 2

    I'm not sure if this qualifies as a mobile product directly but it feels highly relevant!

    I'm originally an iOS developer who has built and launched several mobile apps over the years. In my ASO pursuit, I was trying to stay on top of customer app reviews to figure out what to build next and increase my star rating so I built a small internal tool to have my app reviews posted to a Slack channel.

    I was getting a lot of value out of this internal tool so I decided to package it up so that other developers could use it as well which spawned: https://appreviewbot.com/

    I listed AppReviewBot on the Slack App Directory which helped some folks find it and these days I split my time around 50/50 on AppReviewBot and other mobile app projects. I added support for Google Play Store app reviews earlier this year and I'm nearing launch for support for posting reviews to Microsoft Teams channels as well!

    If anyone is interested in monitoring their app reviews please do check it out: https://appreviewbot.com/

    1. 2

      There was friction for me to "get started". I pressed different call to action buttons and nothing happened. I thought maybe it's an empty landing page for validation. I almost closed the site. Then I saw "Type your app name to get started". It has this gray font that makes it secondary. I skipped it visually. There's no animation, selection or other effect, when you press any Get Started button.

      1. 3

        Thanks very much for the great feedback! I am going to work on making that much more prominent.

    2. 1

      I think I remember chatting with you in comments in the past about this. Congrats on the progress & forthcoming launch for Microsoft Team support!

  23. 1

    This is my app:
    Company 360
    iOS app available on the AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/company-360/id1464857130

    Pitch and description:
    Research data to invest in quality undervalued companies. Benefit from formulas used by investment professionals.

    Value investors profit by investing in quality companies. Because their method relies on determining the worth of company’s stock, value investors don't pay attention to the external factors such as market volatility and daily price fluctuations. Their goal is to purchase shares determined to be undervalued.

    Company 360 pulls together company profile, investors, earnings, insider trading and annual financial statements. Analysis includes:

    • Valuation based on key indicators, P/E Ratio and prof. Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffett’s teacher) formulas for intrinsic value.
    • Formulas and input data are explained in detail.
    • Dividend Yield calculation.
      Formulas below are based on academic research:
    • Magic Formula Screener.
    • Piotroski F-Score: Formula that identified financially strong companies even during crisis of 2007-2008.
    • Bankruptcy Test (Altman Z-Score): Formula to check if company is heading for bankruptcy.
    • Earnings Fraud Test (Beneish M-Score): Formula that exposed earnings manipulation by Enron
      By popular demand:
      *Sentiment analysis against WallStreetBets forum on Reddit. Top 50 WSB trending stocks are used for sentiment analysis.
  24. 1

    Thanks for facilitating this, Rosie!

    LIFE Intelligence is a science-backed complete self, career, relationship development app. I know self care and self therapy apps have blown up alongside meditation the last few years, so I have a lot of competition.

    We differentiate by being a very robust, all-in-one tool. Cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness comprising <1% of our content. To comprehensively manage your stress, anxiety, emotions, improve goals, decisions, time productivity, and build lasting relationships with marriage counseling and leadership studies. Our goal is to provide 100% the content of therapy, leadership coaching, and relationship counseling at <1% the time/price.

    Web: https://www.lifeintelligence.io/
    iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1518619206
    Android coming out in beta soon! Would love your involvement - sign up @ https://www.lifeintelligence.io/android

    We launched in November, front page of Product Hunt, and are already seeing a good clip growth in downloads, revenue, using IAP subscriptions. But I feel the pain a lot of others here have brought up - it's really tough to compete in the app store alongside well-funded competitors, like Calm and Headspace pouring millions into ads. Has anyone found any better marketing tactics? Currently we are working avidly on organic: SEO and guerilla tactics like Twitter, etc.

    Would love your app feedback, advice, and if you like it, maybe even a 5-star review :) Happy to return the favor!

  25. 1

    Me too use google adds

  26. 1

    I'm building Feeds, https://feeds-app.com , an app that turns websites into RSS-feeds. Great for sites that don't have RSS and has full-text RSS for the rest. Works best for news-like websites.
    Includes an AI to sort out the information overload.

    I'm primarily building it since I use it so much myself and there is nothing like it. It saves me tremendous amount of time every day.

    Its going quite bad actually, I don't seem to be able to reach anybody. Have only a couple of hundred downloads. Need to improve my marketing skills!

  27. 1

    I'm building iCuerpo, a gym workout tracker for people to manage their reps/weights/rest time in an easy way.

    It's my first time publishing something to iOS/Android app stores.

    I'm builing it because I think there is no easy to use app on this niche. They are either too basic or too complex to use with lots of unwanted features.

    Right now I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to monetize it.


  28. 1

    Hi @rosiesherry, I am building Habit Daemon a habit tracker for iOS only.
    I am trying to get it on the App Store before the end of the year, in time to help you with all your New Year's Resolutions! It will be a free, fully functioning product, with some In App Purchases to enhance the experience.
    As a small developer I can optimise and deliver upgrades faster if I don't have to maintain across different platforms, so made the decision to go with iOS only.
    I would rather make one elegant, reliable, optimised App than try to dominate all markets. There are several habit trackers on the market, but I found many of them overcomplicated and potentially source of distraction and procrastination from getting on with the task they are supposed to encourage. With that in mind the USP of Habit Daemon is that it has an elegant minimalist UI ... oh .. and a Daemon!

  29. 1

    I'm building Parrot because there's still a lot that needs to be done in the podcast space. Nobody had nailed it yet.
    We built is just for iOS first but took a step back to rebuild in react native and now are feeling way better about our ability to deliver quickly in the future.
    (Android coming soon with the react native rebuild. )

  30. 1

    Carefully is a mobile app for parents to create trusted networks to share care, organize playdates, and create group events. I originally started it so I could have a few extra hours to myself and my son (who is extremely extrovert) could have more playdates. Now that childcare has become such a big issue, I've realized it serves a bigger purpose in helping to make childcare affordable and helps us re-connect with our communities. The app development is the easy part, and my biggest challenge now is getting traction with users to build out their networks. I'm starting to focus on that now that the core feature set is there for iOS, but I'm still working on finishing the android app.

    you can read more about it here: www.carefullyapp.com and check it here: https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1205972409

  31. 1

    I'm building multiple iOS apps right now and I never thought I would get to this point.

    Countdown gives you information about how long you have before any upcoming event in your calendar. I've described about why I built another Countdown app in the midst of already many existing apps in this milestone post. It's mainly because all those apps had the same problem. Its got 200+ downloads and one percent conversion rate.

    Swimbols is a tool for iOS developers to design SF Symbols and export SwiftUI code. I built this mainly to solve the problems I had when working with SF Symbols mac app and Xcode. Its got only 20+ downloads but 10% conversion rate.

    ie. both of my apps have two paid users each. 😜

    I've done no self-promoting or marketing, except for some occasional tweets. I'm working on polishing the apps before spreading the word even more.

    I'm also working on a design tool for mobile, which helps to design and preview live in your iPad and iPhone. It also will generate SwiftUI code for the designed views, which you can put in Xcode and connect with business logic. It is in private beta, right now. If anyone wants to be part of the fun ride, let me know.

    I got the idea for this design tool because most of the time, inspiration strikes for new designs of my app only when I'm in the wild and away from my Mac. So I decided to build a design tool I can carry wherever I go. And I can see the design live in my mobile, how it will look. It feels to be the most challenging project I've worked on till now and that is where the fun lies.

  32. 1

    I'm working on Delightful for iOS & Android. I haven't as much time & focus lately to work on updates but I have lots of stuff planned.

    One recent cool thing, I saw a boost of downloads on election day & then did some sleuthing to find out that a school in Ireland is doing a "gratitude month" with their students & staff and recommend my app as the preferred tool. My app also recently got linked in a NAMI.org resources guide for medical professionals, which is amazing because I've consumed lots of NAMI content in the past to learn more about mental illness.

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