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Are you keeping a Journal or Diary?

Hey IH, how many of you are keeping a journal / diary of your thoughts, feelings, experiences etc? What is your process, and why do you stick with it? If not, have you thought about it?

I went crazy a few years ago and annotated every hour of the day to get more productive, stopped for the longest time, and now am reflecting every week on my main struggles or thoughts. It helps me maintain a sense of progress.

Many other people seem to write down thoughts daily, to get them out of their head - like Tim Ferriss' Morning Pages.

What are you doing, or not doing? Let's share some processes that worked for y'all! 🤟

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    I'm also really curious if you re-read journal entries or thoughts later. People seem to be split on this, some wanting just the process of getting things out of your head (like the Morning Pages), others summarising and reflecting every month or so.

    E.g. see https://www.reddit.com/r/Journaling/comments/nncqpj/do_you_reread_your_journals

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