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    I am somewhat stuck on mine. I am working on log.fm, a podcast search engine focused on helping people find and follow their favorite podcast podcasters, no matter what show the appear on.

    What I am struggling with is setting up a good system for background tasks and job processing. I have been looking into using RabbitMQ, with maybe Redis, and some Supervisord. I am new to using all of these products, still trying to figure it out.
    What would help me would be some good articles or resources for intros to these products?

    Your thoughts?

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      a good system for background tasks and job processing

      What kind of jobs are these and what are you doing?

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        The end goal is sever different types of background jobs. The main goal is to make the UI/UX faster and lower page load times (by kicking some of the processes to the background)

        Some of them include:

        • sending emails (like password reset and things like that)
        • download and process RSS feeds in the background
        • generate RSS feeds and save files to the server
        • updating/searching lots of database records

        These sorts of jobs. :)

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          Got it! I never used RabbitMQ as of today, but I just looked it up and it should work for your use case?

          What I would do, is setup different Node.js processes for each of those tasks, and you can queue the tasks using RabbitMQ, each process would be reading a different queue for different types of tasks.

          good articles or resources for intros to these products

          I don't know any of these, so hope someone else can pitch in here!

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            Thanks, I have been reading though the docs on their main site. They are pretty all inclusive which is nice! Plus some great starter tutorials in most of the popular languages.

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    Going from idea to building the idea. Especially with almost no funding ..let's put my budget at 1000 dollars.

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      Do you already have an idea?

      How hard is it to build it yourself?

      Do you have any validated customers / pre-sales?

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      My simple answer for you would be code it yourself (or use a no-code tool) and time.

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