Are you thinking of selling your side project or looking for a small investment?


My name is Arvind, I'm an indie hacker and maker of this app I've been working way too hard on my side projects and few of them actually worked. While building the projects, I realized that if I could get some support from the community, I can bring many more ideas to life and earn some money.

I lacked business knowledge and because of that I was not able to generate enough revenue from my side projects/startups and ended up selling them to someone who has near to no knowledge of coding, and we both messed the product. I thought if someone could help me with the sales and I can work full time developing the product. This is the main reason I developed SideInvest.

Here you can find people who are interested in buying your business or invest in your business and provide you proper guidance, and in return, you can offer some equity of the business.

I hope you will find potential buyers and investors for your next business.


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    @PatGW @justinvincent @piotr_tech

    All set to launch on Producthunt tomorrow (16th October), See you guys there 🤗

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      Good luck man! You have my vote. Keep my fingers crossed for the success.
      BTW, is it your first PH launch? Do you have strategy to gather attention to your product on PH form i.e. IH community to support you?

      It was a thread to exchange follows on PH:
      I guess for this kind of launch support...

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        Thank you for sharing, i am sharing my Producthunt URL on that post :)

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    Nice design. How does agreement flows are handled?

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      Currently, I am not handling any agreements but my main focus is on the investment part and I am planning to create some standard agreement flow so that it would be easier to invest in projects without worrying about fraud and all.

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    Nice idea regarding investing in side projects. I have a bootstrapped business that takes up too much time for me to buy at the moment but would certainly consider investing in projects

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      Right, I had so many experiences in which investing in side-projects was the best idea instead of acquiring it.

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        Great idea - I didn't see any projects yet but keep me posted when some people start listing

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          I just made it live, thinking of getting some projects before PH launch... I will keep you posted :)

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              Also get an email list signup on there asap so people don't forget about you and the website ;)

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                Added subscribe option 🤗

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                Right, I am doing it right now

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                  I'm signed up :)

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    This is interesting!

    I hope you stick with it.

    It will take some effort to build the 2 sided market place :)

    What are your plans to get your first investors & buyers?

    Side note, there is a z-index render issue here:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgc59dnv3wh4tie/Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 8.52.16 AM.png?dl=0

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    Nice idea , how do you want to solve the chicken and egg problem in your website?( i am still new so it will be helpful if i can know how people usually solve this )

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      Can you please clarify what exactly is your point?

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    I think it's an exciting direction.

    I've been thinking about a concept of an "Indie Note" (similar to "Convertible Note") where investments are made in the indie entrepreneurs themselves. Perhaps just like convertible notes, it can be a debt note that converts to equity of something that worked out. But there definitely can be other ways to structure this.

    I might try and see if there's interest in this.

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      thanks and Indie Note sounds cool though

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    Love the idea. Why don't you have a sign-up form?

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      Currently, I am offering "Sign In with Google". with this you can log in to the site (You don't have to signup)

      Better for testing and developing MVPs, though I will add login/signup with email in near future

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        I'm looking for 2nd integration candidate for my product, as mentioned in the submitted Looking for an investment form ;). Shoot me a note if you would consider using it for free in your app.

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    Nice design, I like the website and its simplicity. Although there are some minor things to improve in my opinion. I got a random error when logging out (Internal Server 500) or was redirected to the login popup, where I did not find an easy way to close.

    Good luck with the product! Do you plan to promote it anyhow? PH launch?

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      Thank you for checking the website out.

      I am fixing the bugs and making the experience more smooth. Yes I will launch this next weekend on PH 😉

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        Hey, I submitted product I work on and look for investment ;). It can be the content filler if you like. Some more remarks to the fill in form. At the end, you have:
        Tell us about you
        A little info about your product
        Linkedin URL

        wans't sure if it was for my private LinkedIn url or the project LinkedIn url. I put mine ;)

        And the last field is: Country, with LinkedIn url as a placeholder suggestion.

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