Ghost October 6, 2020

Are you using ghost?

Md Salehin Khan @saleheen

Hi Indiehackers,

Hope all are rocking.

Curious how many indie hackers are using ghost for their blog or newsletter?

Share your newsletter or blog links here.

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    I'm using Ghost as a headless CMS with Gatsby for my personal blog.
    It's been a love hate relationship. I like the UI of the admin area but in the end it's really not setup to be a great headless CMS.

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    I'm running ghost pro and an aspire theme, and couldn't be happier. One item that we noticed early on is template customization creates a little hassle when new releases come out, but we're actually building a product to solve that problem now.

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    Yep! We're using ghost on our blog ( SEO has definitely been working as we've been seeing numbers grow on Ahrefs.

    Thinking of switching to a subdirectory hosted on our main site, but ghost makes it difficult.

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    I am using ghost.

    The main blog is at and I use the API on my personal site to grab the blog posts to show them on my personal site at

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    I am using the Ghost API on my blog

    This makes it nice for me to share code with the rest of my codebase while being able to defer the data and other infrastructure stuff to

    One thing that did frusterate me is Ghost made it incredibly hard to host the site in a subdirectory. So with that and the desire to design my own stuff I decided to just use the API.

    I've been pretty happy with that so far and feel just fine paying the $30 per month, which does feel higher than I would like but it's essentially acting as a database and has some nice convience.

    Which makes me think that building the video editing API could be quite good for

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    I have recently hosted a Ghost powered blog - It is hosted in AWS on a subdirectory. Hopefully it will pay-off SEO wise in the long-term. BTW, I have bought a premium template from Fueko (Maido theme) and still need more posts written to be able to style it more nicely. The most awesome thing is their posts editor and great Google speed && performance. 😊

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      Its not an comparison but i can tell you from my experience that Ghost SEO far more better then WP premium SEO Plugins

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    Yep, I just launched my Ghost-powered blog last week at

    I could've hosted it myself but I decided to go for their paid membership for two reasons:

    • I didn't want to manage yet another website. I already do it for my products.
    • I wanted to support them.

    Spent a little bit of cash on a theme (like $25), customized it a bit and I got a pretty nice looking website really quickly.

    I love their publishing model, reminds me of Medium which I used to use, so writing feels nice.

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      Yes I am fan of ghost & specially its editor since the version 0.x.x & its became more powerful but still so simple. Simply best.

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    Yep, I'm running on my blog Ghost:

    I've been a fan and user since day one and and really enjoy the overall experience. The only major downside is the lack of good templates which don't slow your website down. I tried a ton and almost all of them get a poor performance score on

    Another "complain" I have is their recent focus on paid memberships / subscriptions. I can see where they're coming from but I'm afraid that this is causing bad user experiences for people who just want to blog for the sake of blogging.

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      Yeah right you are. but recently couple of theme creators creating such good themes. for example Aspirethemes & fueko

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        Haven't tried "Aspirethemes" but I've bought "Keima" from "Fueko" via Theme Forest. The Theme is gorgeous but it was really slow (especially on older devices) due to the sliding effects. Also did a check when I used it and it wasn't that great.

        The only Themes I've used which get good scores on are "Casper" and "Lyra". Will look into "Aspirethemes" the next couple of days, though 👍

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          Use ATTILA even though it's not superb in home page it is superb in blog post
          The main reason is it has higher score {97% for PC and 93% for mobile} It's because I didn't optimize images or else it will be even higher...
          to know how is attila theme on my post : htttps://
          Got to a single post and you will understand why....

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          Did you try aspirethemes yet? I'm currently setting up a blog with the Krabi theme from aspirethemes, and it's rating very well on

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          Hats off to Casper & Lyra ...

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            Also check out - I use one of theirs. Creator has been very responsive to my questions.

            Newsletter/blog still in progress (not promoting or launched yet) That Landing Page

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    Yes, my blog is powered by ghost.

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      I guess you are using very old version of ghost right?

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