Art-related start-up (creator space)

Hi everyone -

I'm a repeat entrepreneur working on a new project.

The concept is a tool that enables creators to "co-create" with their fans.

I've chatted with dozens of creators over the past 2 months and I am confident that there is something here.

In particular, I've narrowed down the initial niche to visual artists active on a specific platform. And I have built connections with a small handful of artists on that particular platform excited to work with me.

I'm at the point now where I'm beginning to scope out an MVP. While I don't come from a technical background, I do have enough experience to get this experiment going.

If this experiment works, I will need help scaling (need partners from all sorts of backgrounds!). I'd love to the get these conversations going as early as possible. So please message me if you are interested in learning more =) (yishi @ optionalitypartners . com)

Here is the flow from a user POV

  1. A creator can ask her fans for suggestions.
  2. Fans submit suggestions.
  3. And the creator can incorporate some of those suggestions into her next piece of work.

That's the core of it. The core benefit is that fans feel more engaged with the artist, and there is a greater emotional connection.

Monetization can come in many different ways - i.e. charging for suggestions, or charging for the end product.

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    Hi Yishi Zuo, have you thought of blockchain and crypto voting systems for the creation of NFTs. If you would like to talk more feel free to message me on Telegram @terexitarius.

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    Hi Yishi, this is a terrific concept.

    What I would say is you'll have two different kinds of fans.

    1 - Fans who are artists themselves in their own right (i.e beat producer who is a fan of Travis Scott)

    2 - Fans who are non-artists.

    These two sections are rich for your MVP. What I would say is you need to develop an artist campaign use case that can be visualised if you are going to sell this as a platform to your initial users.

    It will be hard for an artist to understand the benefit & how they'll use the platform if they aren't able to see it, as they will only relate it with existing platforms and services in mind.

    I also feel that your initial userbases will fail over and over in extracting value, until one is successful. At this point, you'll be able to look at their campaign for data & information which will feed right back into the development of the platform, future marketing campaigns etc.

    I'd personally love to have a chat further as I have a 14 year international digital marketing background and could see a good fit with your project

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    Interesting idea! Where were you thinking would users come from, maybe already popular creators would direct their fans to your site, and it acts like a YouTube comment section with votes? Do you known some people to test the idea with?

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      Our product would be more of a tool for the foreseeable future (Patreon is a good proxy) - they are a tool for creators and not a marketplace / discovery platform.

      Cold email for the most part for initial outreach. And once people start using, hopefully there is some natural word of mouth / virality given that these target artists are active on social media.

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    Hey this would be perfect for NFT Artists as they draw digitally and already want to collab.
    I run NFT Hunt and lets talk https://t.me/NFTHunt

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      Thanks! I may hit you up later - not focused on the NFT angle at the moment.

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        Ok sure No problem

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    Hi, interesting concept.

    The thing is that most small influencers and artists already do that through Insta stories maybe with polls to vote ideas. Even some YouTubers have that feature in their Patreons and private groups for monthly subscriptions. Also, others like Lil Nash with each new music video are doing a cash giveaway for the one who guesses the theme.

    Sometimes, even with that solutions is hard to see who submitted the idea and give credits or rewards to X fan. But well if all those things work and are because of something and definitely people always love to be heard by their fav artists and creatives...

    But that will also depend on the type of artist-influencer. Is not the same creators or influencers, than A-list celebs. For celebs something in the intersection of the personalized community (maybe with NFT, and news... Usually K-pop artists have these platforms. There are not as common with Western celebs) & Cameo. Like a platform for better connections with fans.

    But if we talk about creators from NFT to traditional creatives, something that is in the intersection of their work and community would be perfect. Like desenio.es + portfolio. Maybe it can be a space where they can say that they have made 5 paintings and people buying them or even auctions. Similar with photographers. Like an Etsy but for artists and then if someone had a customized request they can request that. Actually, there is a platform (sorry don't remember the name) similar to desenio that invites artists each month and creates a customizable collection, this type of peace right now is quite a thing as mix affordable with a unique aesthetic.

    Let me know your thoughts.

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      Thanks Isabela for the lengthy + thoughtful reply =) Indeed it is promising I think that creators are doing this in different formats. And it is more prevalent in some areas than others.

      I will have more to share in the coming weeks hopefully!

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        Sure, I think if you explain better your concept maybe is going to be easier to understand the project. Looking forward to hearing from you =)

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    Sounds cool. How abt a few one - two hour pop ups around town to experiment?

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      Thanks! Maybe one day... for now focused on digital platforms =)

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