March 6, 2019

Artificial Intelligence for Java unit testing - feedback request

Felix Zoot Billson @felixzoot

Hey there! Looking to get some feedback on this free service that can automatically generate unit tests from Java source code using artificial intelligence and it can be a real help from a productivity stand point. You can try it out from here or Google 'Diffblue' and it's on the homepage. Thanks in advance, any questions/thoughts would be very much welcome! #feedback #artificialintelligence #java #unittesting #free #product-feedback-request #productivity

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    You should let people see a preview of the test results without signing up. Maybe require sign up for custom/modified code only.

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      Thanks! You make a great point and we thought about that for a long time. The reason we went with a sign up is that when tests are run they are cached/shareable, so we want to make sure there's an element of security for each persons account. Whilst we know this may put some people off, we're keen for those who really try out the tool are secure.

      We also allow the tests to be shareable, and those results are what load first when received (say I share a link to a series of generated tests, you can see those tests straight away without signing up).

      It would be awesome if you wanted to talk more about this and the tool!

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        In that case, maybe the "templates" should link to pre-generated tests so that potential users can at least see what the output looks like before inputting custom code. Just seems like a huge roadblock to put in front of the product. I didn't sign up, so I never got to try the tool out, so it was a blocker for me.

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