As an international student who never uses Twitter, really curious about how to start building in public.

Hi there,

I am Louis. As a title, I am an international student who just graduated from university and trying to build my own stuff. I really like the IndieHacker culture but I am wondering how can people like me successfully build in public.

As a new IndieHacker who doesn't have any follower on LinkedIn, Instagram and never use Twitter(and even not a native speaker), I am confused about how can I build it in public. I mean, I had tried to launch our landing page in a different group and subreddit. And we got some feedback, too, which is really great. I want to do something can own my own niche, my own listener, I heard ppl are talking about Twitter is a good place to start. Is that mean I need to post every progress on Twitter to build in public? Or I need to generate some useful content. How do you guys figure out what to generate and tweet three times on Twitter each day?

Since I never use Twitter before, I am wondering as an engineering student how can I make useful content on Twitter when the startup I want to build doesn't have any relative to my skills? I and my friend are trying to build Loopit (https://loopit.dev/), which we aim to build the Ultimate travel idea generator, just told us where you are and we will match you with other's experience, and super tool for lazy and busy people.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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