ASK: do you wanna sell your github private repository?

Hello dear community IH. we are improve our marketplace code.market step by step, and now we wannа start new project. We wanna give community ability for sell their private github repository in one click.

I know inside IH community many good programmers. and i wanna ask you would this option be useful or not?

I would love catch your detailed answer in the comments. Thank you 🙏

Is it good or bad idea?
  1. Good idea
  2. Bad
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    I sold a private repo recently and it was pretty painless.

    My process used escrow and the inbuilt functionality on GitHub to transfer ownership.

    How does your idea make this simpler whilst maintaining the security of buyer and seller like escrow does?

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      Hey dear Mick. Could you please describe your selling experience? For us It's very useful for build beautiful user experience for our project.

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        Not sure why your reply has been downvoted.

        However the process was pretty much as described. Escrow is a fairly common and understood way of transferring money and the GitHub “transfer ownership” functionality is also pretty self explanatory.

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          I agree with you case that you described is quite clear. But I would be interested to know how interesting it is for developers to turn their github repo into a product that can be sold many times, as in the example described by @seattlehacker below.

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      Wow! Nice. Thank you for sharing! I will try this tool and try to find how we can improve the user experience.

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    Interesting - I assume you can sell multiple instances of it much like a product? I have the github repo of my templates that might be able to sell if it's not exclusive to one customer: https://gum.co/aKGDEd

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      Hey Bilal. Yes our idea based on developers tools which they use. We know in 2021 no code product development without git commit and git push.

      You gave a great example. The product published on the gamroad. But to update it you need everytime load new .zip archive and update description. It seems boring and archaic

      Our idea is: What if you simply push code updates to the github repository, update a description in the readme.md file in your IDE. Your product will be automatically updated. As a profit: you keep writing the code, making your customers happy and do not get distracted by unnecessary actions

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    Hey Alex,

    It’s not a bad idea. I’m just confused on how someone would have the rights to that repo after it is sold to them. Have you worked out a plan for this yet?

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      hey @BraydenTW. Thank you for opinion. Yes we have plan.
      It’s look like: after purchasing we give permission to this customer to download or clone your repo. You as a author can manage your selling and permission for customers how much time customer download or clone your repository and you can manage licence for each repository

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        Got it, I think I would totally use something like this. 👍

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        CC @BraydenTW

        I’m confused. GitHub has built on functionality to transfer ownership of a repo.

        What am I missing?

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      In a GH repo > settings > scroll to bottom is "transfer ownership".

      I'm sure that code.market acts like an escrow of sorts and the seller doesn't get paid until the ownership is transferred.

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        Yes, I understand that, but the previous owner can still have their own copy if they wanted. Even if they don't own it anymore.

        I'm just wondering how the legal items go down behind the scenes.

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          Could you tell me what concerns thinking about legal tearms?

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            Sorry Alex, I am not confused anymore.

            I thought your service was for just giving the repo to someone else and the original owner doesn't have it anymore.

            As I understand now, what you are making is some sort of Gumroad where you can sell a nice App template, where the customer can have access to that private repo. Is that correct?

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        Honestly, we were not thinking about a one-time repo sale and transfer ownership to another user.

        As start idea a creating a digital product from git repository that can be sold many times.

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          Oh ok, so less about selling a fully working/deployed application and instead something that is re-sellable multiple times?

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          Ahh, this makes more sense. If I could revote now, I would say "yes, great idea!"

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