March 19, 2019

Ask IH: Any suggestions growing this platform?


Hello everyone,

I've been getting good feedback from this community and thank you for that. I do really want to start planning out a strategy with my new project.

So far, I've been publishing it on subreddits and some PPC work. OK, I want to start going to the next level with this. Any thoughts?

Purceipts is briefly a receipt platform for customers to store all their receipts in one place. Businesses send a receipt either API or an online form to the customer (buyer).

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    Please add a short description of what your platform does. Most people like to know what your application does before clicking a link.

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      Oops, my bad. I've updated the post.

      1. 1

        Cool - what in particular were you wanting help with? How is the business doing so far etc?

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          Perhaps some guidance on where to start marketing. Or any information that will be helpful for this journey.

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