May 3, 2019

Ask IH: Best tools to capture emails / manage email campaigns?

Robin Vander Heyden @Vinrob

Hey guys,

I am looking to rework a little bit on my website so that it captures but also converts better users.

I am looking at tools such as email capture forms, exit intent forms, etc and all in all a good way to segment our email list. We also use Intercom for visitors our our website. Ideally, a solution that would put all leads in one by source would be great (so that I could create different campaigns for each of them).

Any ideas? Thanks!


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    Take a look at ConvertKit. You can use it to capture email, create pop ups, segment subscribers, etc.

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    Do you know Sumo? This works better as it has different options and integrations.

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    +1 for ConvertKit. Also, check out - I use both of them for exactly what you described, and they are so powerful for converting visitors to interested leads...

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      That’s an interesting tool. I saw it a while ago but I still haven’t tried it.

      Do you use it to create multiple email sequences? Did you see a significant improvement in your conversion rate?

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        Yes and yes!

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