Ask IH: Do you need analytics and reports for your GitHub projects?

Hi there, indiehackers!

While working on open source projects, I noticed that I refresh the statistics pages on GitHub very often. Therefore, I automated the gathering of this data, and now every morning, I receive a letter with the most important for the last day.

I feel that it might be useful to others. So I plan to build a service for project analytics.

What I consider to include:

  • Periodic reports of important information (updates in issues, pull requests, discussions)
  • Analytics of activity in the project (when users most actively comment and make changes)
  • Analytics of community around the project (contributors'/commentators'/stargazers' location, company, and activity in other projects)
  • Mentions of the project on other platforms (reddit, twitter, dev.to, etc.)

What do you think?

If you're interested, please help me with some insights. What information do you want to know about your projects, and what would you like to receive in the reports?

Here you can subscribe to get in beta: https://sneak-peek.io/product/ohmycode

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