April 10, 2019

ASK IH: Do you use component libraries for building your product? Why?

Hey guys!

I've been following IndieHackers for some time and seen some amazing ideas grow and change. It has also pushed me towards starting building my own stuff.

According to "Lean Startup", you should build, measure and learn all the time. As a developer, I started to think about what would be the fastest way to build a product that actually works but is also easy to change so I can test out different features, UX.

Although there are many things to consider, I'm interested especially how do you guys speed of your front-end development(which impacts the user the most)?

I'd be genuinely thankful if you answered some of those questions:

Do you use component libraries or build stuff by your own?
Which component libraries would you recommend(for Vue, React)?
Do you design the product around the component library or try to implement your design in the component library?
What should one be aware of when using component libraries?