Ask IH: How did you meet you co-founder(s)?

I am running solo so far but I would love to hear stories on how/where/when you met your co-founder and how you decided to start a company together or may be just hack on a cool project.

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    I've always run solo. Until early 2020, when @kylekrzeski and I teamed up to develop Removaly. We met like a decade ago in passing on an old-school internet forum. Chatted on and off, and then decided, after we both experienced a harassment scare, to shake up the data removal market.

    It's been an incredible team building experience ever since!

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    I have 2 co-founders at @sturppy.

    I met @DiegoatProxii as colleagues at our 9 to 5, prior to our entrepreneurial journey.

    I met @filippo_b through this awesome indiehackers community!

    Onward and upward 🚀

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    I met my co-founder at my day job (when I had a startup). I think work is one of the best places to meet co-founders because you already know and work with each other.

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    I found my co-founder via my extended network. We were intro'ed by a common friend who realized that we might be a good fit.

    Before meeting him I had talked to lots of people in and outside of my network, because I knew that I'd be much more successful (and a lot happier) with a co-founder, but with none of them I really clicked well enough.

    Turns out that some luck and letting your network know that you are looking for somebody was all that it needed. Mission complete after 3 months.

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    I had an idea for a Twitch Extension and reached out to fellow streamers in their Discords eventually after a few days I got a recommendation and just reached out....still working on our MVP but it's getting close :)

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    I found my cofounder in an On Deck cohort. We were in a group together for the global build weekend. By the time we were done we built a fondness for each other and solid trust. Then he approached me after the build and asked if I want to start a new project with him. It was a no brainer.
    Highly recommend any OnDeck cohort that you think would be a good fit for you.

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