May 22, 2020

Ask IH: How has COVID-19 changed the market for selling SaaS products?


I run some B2B SaaS products that have between $2k - $5k in MRR and steady growth (3%-30% MoM). Their growth hasn't been impacted much by the changes in the market due to the pandemic. I've been considering selling one or two of them (e.g., on a site like Flippa or TransfersLot) for a while. Now is a good time for me personally to do so, but I'm hesitant to sell them if the purchase prices for B2B SaaS products is lower than usual now due to the pandemic.

Does anyone have any insight into how the recent global economic climate has changed the market for selling B2B SaaS products?

(I'm particularly curious about this for products that haven't been negatively impacted by the pandemic.)

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