Ask IH: Is asp.net good to build website?

Asp.net /c# is good to build my SaaS idea?
What kind of websites we can build using this technology?

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    You can usually (almost) build any websites with any technology.

    C# is a very stable, long developed language with lots of tutorials. If you have a good grasp of this technology stack, than it's a good choice for you.

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    I think it boils down to what you know.
    If you know C#, it’s a good choice.
    If you know PHP, that is a good choice

    Obviously there might be some technical limitations in some technologies, but If you “just” want to build a website it should be fine.

    Good luck!

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    From my own experience, I know both asp.net & PHP pretty well. I built an MVC app on asp.net running on Azure. It was pretty slow and cost > $80 a month for hosting. I ported the same site to PHP and it runs like a rocket and costs $5 / month hosting.

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    Literally, unless you're doing something SO SO specialized (and even then, if it's a website I don't know what that could be) then it doesn't matter. Pick the stack you know. If you then start to scale and your choice wasn't ideal for your future company then that's a good problem to have. But literally there's no way to know what the future company will look like.

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    You can build many sites using other technologies. If you are familiar with .net, then just build your site with .net. If you are expert in PHP, you can then use PHP for your website. I personally also use .net here and I'm .net developer for more than 10 years, use various hosting provider. For .net, you can try Asphostportal.com. Azure is other recommendation if you have high budget, it is user friendly but not friendly with pocket.

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    If you know C# , its a great choice.

    You will also get better performance as C# is compiled into .NET IL before execution meaning you will benefit from performance benefits.

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    Aapnet core is great. I also did react but last year moved completely to blazor

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    I've been using C# for almost a decade and moved to Python after. Not only because starting a web project with Python was way-way-way easier than with asp.net but because Python has way-way-way more libraries and packages for all possible/impossible cases.
    Maybe the situation is much easier now with asp.net core but I would create a simple web app and just see how it goes.

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    If its dotnet core, for sure. awesome framework. I would use react on the UI though, not MVC

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      React is great, but with a c# backend you should check out Blazor. It’s essentially an SPA framework built entirely with C#. No js! And can run entirely in the browser using web assembly. Cool stuff

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    the new .Net Core is really good. Like others mentioned, I'd look at what language you want to use. Dig javascript? Then I wouldn't go with .net. But if you like C# (which is a fantastic language) I'd not hesitate to use .net again.

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      I will use asp.net, JavaScript, css, bootstrap, jQuery, SQL and c#

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