April 11, 2019

Ask IH: Results are not good, is this the sign?


Hi all,

I've been working on a product which is related to storing receipts for customers. I've been doing advertisements in the past few weeks now and the results don't look good. The results show that many people and companies are not interested in the service.

I guess it's a sign that the market is not interested?


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    Problem can come from:

    • You are not targeting the right market or the right persona
    • Current tools do the work so your product doesn't have an advantage
    • There isn't a problem to solve - for this I advise you to map the current user journey and see where the gaps are to understand if there is a market for what you are offering - maybe you find a gap you haven't seen before and you pivot into something else/improve your offer.
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      Good points. Perhaps my product offering already exists. I could change it to an API focussed invoice platform for online business.

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        Before you add/change something you need to understand the user journey.
        Example - Ask people WHAT they do with their invoices. Ask them to SHOW you HOW they do it. Try to understand if they care about the paper or toss it away or just take a picture.
        Ask open questions :) try not to lead their reply.

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    What results do you have?
    A few weeks may not be long enough to get a true feel of whether it is working.
    Are you able to share a link for others to give feedback on?