Ask IH: Show support for Eurekea on ProductHunt

Hello IH,

I've built Eurekea to help IndieHackers find ideas for their next hustle. It's offering a dataset of 250K+ SaaS, Apps & tech-products launched in the last decade.
You can find more about it on https://www.indiehackers.com/product/eurekea

Today I've launched on ProductHunt today and need a little support from you 😃

The number of upvotes and comments will be important for us, so if you like my product; I request you please take two minutes and show us your support. You can do these two things to help us:

  • Upvoting on ProductHunt:
  • Sharing our launch on your social media.

Here's something similar you can share on Twitter:

" @ProductHunt 🚀
Can't find ideas for your next hustle? Get inspired from 250K+ SaaS & Apps with EUREKEA: producthunt.com/posts/eurekea
by @aayush4vedi #SaaS #sidehustle #IndieHacker

🙏🙏 Many thanks in advance for your support.

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