May 9, 2019

#ask-ih What DO you think Of this App? (I didn't make it)

Arav Narula @Aravnarula


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    Very interesting, but not for me. I can imagine this style of organization working for someone. Personally, I just mark things as Unread and known they need to be dealt with later. It's simple and fast and does not require me to organize anything.

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      I do something similar: just leave things in my inbox and then archive them when I'm done with them. I can imagine something like this being useful for someone that receives a much larger amount of emails than me, though.

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    @Booligoosh is the guy who makes it. He's awesome :)

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      I know, He's A Great Dude @Booligoosh

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      Thanks!! 😁

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    The first thing I said was: the copy of trello

    Put it free and grow. You will have time to put some payment

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      I haven't used Trello, can it be used to organize your emails?

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        no, the application I like but it makes me face if you compare it with trello since it is free and it is a ''copy'' of funcionality

        is my opinion but I would leave the application free to grow and then monetize it with some annual payment or a freemium model including things that add value

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    It's interesting, Trello for email.
    Easy to understand, but it's not for me lol.