April 1, 2019

Ask IH: What keywords to use for my product (for PPC)?


Hi all,

I want to try out PPC services and at the moment, I want to try out Bing Ads (just because it's cheaper and this is an experiment).

I'm not sure what keywords to use for my campaign. I'm curious from your perspective, what keywords do you think I should try?

The website I'm promoting: https://www.purceipts.com/?ref=indiehackers


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    I recently found this list of tools and used a couple of the links to derive my keywords, might be helpful to you https://ahrefs.com/blog/free-seo-tools/

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    I would recommend that you start with Google AdWords. The traffic quality is higher which is why the price is higher. If do not have any experience and you are going to manage your own spend I would highly recommend that you become Google AdWords Certified. It is 100% free training offered by Google and will help you get up to speed. It will teach you about keyword discovery and how to optimize your campaign.

    You also may want to engage the services of a copywriter.

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      I've also heard that... how do I go about getting a copywriter, should I try to find someone on upwork or a similar freelancer site?

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