March 25, 2019

Ask IH: Would do you think of the pricing?



I always liked to get feedback from people. I'm curious as a business owner (pretend to be), do you think the prices are fair? Also, any other feedback is useful.

Thank you.

Home Page:

Pricing Page:


  1. 1

    Hey, your prices seem fair. One note: on the landing page it says "Your Receipts Is In Good Hands" but that should read "Your Receipts Are In Good Hands."

    1. 2

      What way would you recommend to get more businesses? Shall I offer it free for a while? I've made a free plan but not sure if that's enough.

      1. 1

        who is your ideal customer? have you created any customer personas?

        1. 1

          My customers are businesses that sell products.

    2. 1

      I would also normalize it to lower case.

      Also I would expand on: "View your receipts free of charge. No hidden fees" and add "manage", "organize" to add more value to offering.

      1. 1

        Just noticed that now. Feel stupid.

        1. 3

          Don't. There is no being in the world knowing/seeing everything. Mistakes force us to learn. They are awesome (especially small ones, since they don't hurt us).