🎙 ASK PODCASTERS: What's your go-to transcription software?

Hey guys, I'm hella interested to hear what your go-to transcription platform is!

Comment below which one you use (and why if you have time ;)...)

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    Otter.ai has a generous free trial that I used for a lot of my transcriptions. Descript is very powerful, but I found it a little "too powerful" for just creating transcripts as it's more about editing audio by using text etc.

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      I completely get where you're coming from with Descript. If you just want to create a simple transcript (I'm guessing 100% correct in the shortest time) then Descript may not be your best bet.

      I'd be really interested what you thought of Spread as this may be more in your lane, except without the overly generous free trial like Otter has...

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        I think 60 minutes for free is the right amount for a free trial, so not too worried about that. Would definitely give it a try next time I've got something to transcribe, but I'll share it with my Marketing friends who always have heaps of Youtube videos to transcribe.

        I really like what you've done here. The site feels playful but minimal and clean enough and has a nice personal vibe to it, while the content demonstrates empathy for the user. I feel like it gives me a strong idea of what to expect once I'd sign up. If it were me, I'd probably lead with the features/value as that's currently the least visible section on the home page, and yet what I'd care most about as a user (that and pricing).

        Amazing work! 👏

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          Thank you so so so much for that reply, it means the world to me...

          Please send over all the marketing folks you are connected with - I'd love them to start using Spread ahaha!!

          If you have anything to transcribe then let me know and I'll be happy to make the experience as painless as possible for you :)

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    Descript has some very cool features, but it only covers English. As we're creating a Spanish podcast, Sonix.ai has been great. They also have an embed with an interactive transcript. I could only find this with one other: Happyscribe

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      So happy to hear you've found somewhere that works for your language - multiple language automatic transcription is quite rare!

      What do you mean by an embedded transcript?

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        An embed with an interactive transcript = code you can add to embed the podcast on your site, with a transcript below that follows the words as they're spoken. You can see this on our new podcast - LanguaTalk Spanish. If you click on a word, the video will skip to when it's spoken.

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          Thank you so much for that - greatly appreciated

          Do you use anything specifically to create an embedded transcript? or is it just your code you created?

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            It's an embed taken from Sonix and it requires being on their monthly subscription. Their embed also has a load of links to their site, which we didn't want but they kindly removed them for us.

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    I second descript. It’s been really good for podcast editing as well. Saves me hours from editing

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      I bet it has! Descript is so good for podcasters who want to edit their podcast pre-posting.

      They're by far the best editor, but not the best (or the quickest) transcription tool. You can try my new indie tool Spread that is specifically designed for fast and perfect transcripts - your first 60 minutes are free! ;)

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    For me it is Descript. When I tested it last year it was the best solution for multiple speakers and could label them correctly. The cost per transcription also is really good. I actually compared a number of solutions - https://www.businessof.digital/podcast/e172/ (feel free to listen or not but there is a full breakout of scoring there that you may find interesting)

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      Thank you so much for your comment Daver!

      Your article is very informative. You have helped me more than you could ever imagine ;)

      If you could help me out one last time and give me your EXPERT opinion on Spread then that would simply be incredible!

      I'd love to hear what you have to say. Maybe my indie built tool could steal you from Descript one day, and we could top your leaderboard hahaha ;)

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    Descript has been pretty cool, it's like 90%+ accurate so you can't just fire and forget, but a quick once over fixes it. If you're doing editing, it's also a great tool to directly interact with the transcript and have the editing occur in the audio too (and vice versa with directly editing the audio). Also, they have a feature to remove all of the "filler words" (kind of, like, uh, um, etc). It's pretty cool, but honestly, I don't rely on it at all. Their cuts aren't aware enough of the surrounding audio, so the end result comes out pretty choppy. I edit the audio directly, and the transcript is changed as I do so.

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      How long does it take you to correct your transcript? 90% accurate is great, but still not ideal I guess!

      So, you edit the audio directly on Descript. And then the transcript is changed from that? - Am I inferring this correctly?

      I'm on a mission to make transcription easy with 100% accuracy. I would love to hear your expert opinion on my indie made tool: Spread

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    I've built a service that has a speech-to-text transcription feature that you can add to videos.


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