March 19, 2019

AskIH: Any interest in an app that helps you easily create videos to share on your social media?

Studio Cinematic @StudioCinematic

Find it here:

Some examples we recently created:

More videos on twitter:

Here are a few use-cases I thought of:

  • Easily showcase products/ services/ events
  • Easily create videos to have a social media presence
  • Easily do A/B testing - see what videos are more engaging for your customers

I'd like to know if you guys with small to medium businesses would be interested in this, and if so, what would be the features you'd like added.
At this time, we're in closed BETA, and we plan to go to open BETA in 2-3 months, and out of BETA within 6-9 months.

If there is enough interest in this for small to medium businesses, we'd like to develop a separate version tailored for Business.