Att: Freelancers - looking for feedback for my invoicing app

Finally built up the courage to pro-actively post here and ask for feedback.

The first 'production' version of http://remotime.net/#Download has been out for a while now, but user adoption has been slow, partly because I'm just not telling enough people.

What is it? A mobile app (desktop apps are coming!) to track your time and tasks - and simply invoice your customers.
For those with an M1 Mac - it runs there too ;) (via the iOS app store download)

Why did I build it?
I was time tracking in 1 tool, and keeping track of tasks in excel. I then had to make sure the time allocated to those tasks added up to the time tracking. And then at the end of the month, I'd have to copy all the tasks (work done) into an online invoicing app. I couldn't find a solution that allowed me to do all 3 in a simple way, as well as allowing me to self-manage where I was spending my time and if I was hitting my time targets, so I set out to build it.


  • Is the user interface easy to understand?
  • What is your favorite bit of the app?
  • What 1 core feature is it missing?
  • Is not having a website with the same functionality a deal-breaker? (will a desktop version solve this for you?)
  • what tool are you currently using? What feature would make you switch?

Please don't hold back - looking for critical opinions.

If you'd like to provide ongoing feedback as remotime develops, please feel free to drop me an email (it's in my bio)

Thanks in advance for your time.

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