Audio-first stack for communities

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    Love the domain name!

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      i'm hosting the newsletter on letterdrop - publication management tool:)

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    i like your graphics.

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    Audio-driven community is becoming popular. It has been proven by popular. I love what you've done with the article. It's beneficial.

    I recently started collaborating with another Indie Hacker on a project to do with building an audio community. We are doing it for fun, and honestly, we're excited!

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      In the upcoming issue will also be exploring the workflows for audio-first communities.

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    Hey Anna; I’d love to work on some of the data/needs with you as I’m building joinspace.co to be that stack :)

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      hey thanks for your message. Fun fact I forgot the name of your app and I was looking for it for my research :D

      You can email me at: [email protected]

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