Audit your Instagram's hashtag usage with personalized checklists 📋

If you‘ve been working on your hashtags strategy on Instagram then you know there are so many different things to keep track of.

  • How often are you using certain hashtags and are you using them too many times in a row?
  • Are you using a variety of hashtags from post to post and not use the same lists of hashtags?
  • Do you use any hashtags that don’t have many people looking at them or are you using any that have too much traffic?
  • When are you trying new hashtags and replacing the underperforming ones?

Unfortunately, you have to not only make sure you’re following the best practices now but continue to keep up with it for all of your future posts. On top of that, Instagram is always changing. What’s working today may not work tomorrow. It adds another layer of complexity that makes organic growth by using hashtags difficult to master.

There has to be an easier way, right? 😅

When you start to let Curate help you manage your hashtag strategy and it all gets simpler.

Instagram hashtag checklists

Instantly understand which hashtag mistakes you have been making, how your overall hashtag usage stacks up and get personalized checklists on every post you made. Better yet, Curate helps you prevent making mistakes by giving you hashtag checklists while you plan your content.

It's like an automatic Instagram account checker.

Instagram hashtag checklists examples

Truth is that even when we know we shouldn’t be doing certain things on Instagram, it’s easy to make a mistake. Sometimes it’s too time-consuming or just simply too hard to track.

Curate helps with that too. 🥳

It teaches you hashtag strategies using your personalized data and encourages you to keep your account in check. After a while it becomes natural but Curate is always there to keep an eye on your Instagram hashtags for you.

Take a look at what the new checklist feature on Curate has to offer and how it belongs in your Instagram growth strategy.

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