Auth for Indie Hackers

Hi community,

I was thinking that many of you guys create multiple apps - and yet they don’t have a signup page which creates an account on each of those apps after the user is shown a dialog that you will be signed up for these apps as well.

Lemme resay in points

  • User likes app of hacker
  • They goto Signup page
  • They are shown option to signup for additional apps of hacker
  • The other apps have an account made as well
  • Now you can atleast send marketing messages to users about other apps (drip-nurture)

Exhausting the more general use case -

Would you hackers love to get your apps signed up on other hackers app -

Lemme point this one too

  1. User likes a hackers app
  2. Goes to signup
  3. Is shown optional checkboxes to signup for other indie hacker apps


  • What are you imagining from this writeup and does it make sense
  • Would you publicise other hackers app on your signup page
  • Do you yourself have multiple apps and would like an auth backend api service

Post your suggestions and let me interact with you in the comments!

  1. 1

    Hi :)

    Interesting idea, but I think that the user might get confused if you ask them if they want to join other services, you may not want to add noise when they already are up to create an account for your service, I think that you might (from time to time) send them some information about other startups sometime after they are already a regular user of your service

    1. 1

      True, this would be a concern for any app maker as we are so thoughtfully designing stuff.

      It will have to be an inconsequential addition to that screen then.

      Plus I don’t get if there would be a sect who would want to create a network distribution for indie hackers.

      We need bigger influencers opinions

      Hi :)))

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