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Automatically Generate and Schedule Content for Your Social Media With Quuu’s Lifetime Deal

Finding/creating content and posting them on social media is a time-consuming task. I know you'd rather spend the time on your product.

But the thing is, it doesn't look good to have an empty social media handle.

Quuu Social Media Content Generator and Scheduler
Quuu is built for this purpose. Quuu lets you post content to your social handles automatically. All you have to do is select a category (like business, sales, marketing, corporate strategy etc), it'll then curate posts on its own and schedule them to your profile.

I personally use it. As I said, it's better to have Quuu do the work than have an empty profile. Check out this profile. It's been months since I logged in to this account, and every post has been sent out by Quuu.

Here are the best parts of using Quuu:

  1. Quuu is used by other B2B businesses. If you saw my profile, you can see their businesses being tagged in it. Most of the time, these guys will visit my company profiles, check out my product (it's also B2B), and even sign-up. This means that I'm not only filling up my social profile but I'm also filling up my signup goals for this month.
  2. When you start using Quuu, you'll see so much content for any given topic. Where do you think this content is coming from? From other users. Yes, Quuu is an excellent implementation of a double-sided marketplace. So anyway, my point is, you can also send your own content to the discovery pool to increase your chances of getting discovered. When more people find your content, more will likely read and feature it.

These are of course insights and you won't find these two points anywhere on their sales pages. This is coming straight from my usage.

Lastly, this isn't some recurring subscription you have to be worried about. You're getting Quuu for only a one-time fee and you get to own it for a lifetime. (For comparison purposes, their annual subscriptions cost $60 on their website at $5 per month.)

Get Quuu's lifetime deal now for only $49 →

If you don't like it you can refund it 60 days from purchase. So, use it all you want and refund if you don't like it.

So that's it from me for now.

(but hey, you'll find more super deals and how you can use them for indie hacking in this SaaS Deals group. Join this group below 👇 if you need to learn more about useful SaaS deals. You know, you can also share your product's lifetime deals and discounts when you launch)

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    I was asked to put this in: I'm an affiliate. Hypothetically speaking, I'm supposed to get a commission if you purchase but that has never happened all I get is a few clicks and 0% conversions lol. (Why aren't you people buying anything XD XD)
    Me making $0 from my affiliate posts

    So my views are not biased in any way. Also, thousands of products launch deals every month but I only share the products I like and/or use, this one is something I like.

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