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Hey everyone! I curated some mobile growth/ASO tools & put up an open GitHub repo to list out the tools & their blogs as well as listing out other mobile marketing / business tools that we may encounter. Some things I haven't used but included because they've come up in business conversations when I used to work as an Android dev at a company.

Open PRs if you want to add tools you use now that would be useful to other mobile Indie Hackers & any relevant resources / specific articles you'd like to highlight for others.

It would also be cool to include links to blogs where mobile Indie Hackers get inspiration - seeing the success of other mobile devs who share their path.

Here it is: Awesome-Mobile-Growth

cc @jayrambhia @kaioelfke

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    Thanks! I always forget the names of the tools for App Store Intelligence and find this list helpful :)

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    Here's my two cents.

    Personally, I don't find a list of tools very helpful. You can find them easily with a search too. Those companies also do a lot of marketing. Unless they have a free tier they can be too expensive for an indie hacker until a certain stage. But you need to signup to get value out of this. Plus, this is kind of free advertisement for them. We could filter out those without a free plan or offer suitable for indie app devs.

    What's more interesting in my opinion, free, and brings value immediately is content on how to achieve growth or other things. There's posts and interviews hidden here on IH with good advice to learn from. There's some indie blogs that write about the business side. And I'd rather put those at the top.

    There's a bunch of interesting posts hidden in the forums here as well. It would also be useful IMO to go through the IH interviews with iOS and Android filter.

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      Good points & would love more content included from IH. I see this list being for Indie Hackers & anyone making a mobile app so it could be found by anyone on the internet. I have my own thoughts on app intelligence tools but they also have tons of free content that is helpful which is why I wanted to link to their ASO blogs.

      That said I don't want to filter things out because it seems like free advertisement for a business. My point for this is to give someone one place to look for all the tools & look themselves and make their own decisions whether they want to use them or not - could definitely add details about free vs paid plans for each but I just didn't dive that deep.

      For any other good resources on the IH group you see, we have 4 more spots for resources that can link to good IH posts or top blogs/articles that should be must reads for indie mobile devs.

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