AWS Communism – Part 1: How we cut our Load Balancing cost by more than 96%

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    communism? clickbait much?

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    Why are indie hackers terraforming and load balancing complicated stacks instead of just using render.com or Heroku? Or even something as simple as dokku on digital ocean.

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      @cpursley because we are building an alternative to those hosting platforms. Our goal is to be as easy as the services you named - but in your own AWS Account.

      Checkout our website of setops.co :)

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        I somehow missed that, awesome. Kubernetes is just to low level for most users (esp indie hackers).

        Can setops handle distributed Elixir and autoscaling (or is that in the plans)?

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          We already have running Elixir applications on SetOps. In general, every application that runs in a container can run on SetOps. It's not explicitly optimized for elixir, but why not give it a try? :) Autoscaling is planed; right now, manual scaling is possible within one command.

          If you like, put yourself on the waitlist and drop that you're an Indie hacker, I can prioritize you.

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        I think the article is good at explaining the underlying tech, but it’s relatively hard for indiehackers to relate to. A table illustrating the cost saving with side by side comparisons among hosting platforms/various solutions would be nice. The title says saving more than 96%, but the article didn’t put that into perspective.

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          Thanks for your feedback! You're totally right, this article targets a tech-heavy audience that is into DevOps. I already planned an Article as you mentioned with higher abstraction and business focus.

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    I love this! We use a similar pattern to share a single load balancer for ChatKitty.

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      Great! We have done similar things for RDS databases and NAT instances (spoiler for the next parts ;). Do you have any other use cases for sharing in mind?

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        Yeah! We share RDS databases and our caching layer similarly with Redis databases on Elasticache. Another example is using ECS with EC2 to run multiple services on the same EC2 instance.

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    What's LB asks my Lambda hosted single php file? :)

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