Ayzd Development Progress Week #8

Hi Indihacker,

New updates from the Ayzd development field. New developers are working nicely; we have almost full frontend ready. The Mobile version is coming good as well. From the backend - we are integrating the creation of the categories/chains, user-registration process, and preparing for the full API integration.

We are also hiring a marketing professional that is going to help us do a high-level strategy for the product.

From a marketing standpoint, we have released the NBA Top Shot newsletter guide. Pushed the daily content on our Twitter account.

Also tried another variation for the “celebrity nft holdings” infographic - this week did one for Mark Cuban holdings. The difference between the previous one we did for Gary Vee is that he (Gary) had multiple individual assets in specific collections (e.g. had 50+ crypto punks, 30 Meebits, etc), whereas Mark mostly has 1-2 NFTs from various collections. That’s why we needed to prepare another template for these situations.

Thank you!
See you next week

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