B2B cold Email 👉 Why you should use personalized hooks + Real examples & process that's gotten me ~25%+ reply rates

I just came across a top post on r/EntrepreneurRideAlong with 100 free examples of cold emails sent by real companies that you can use as inspiration for your B2B business.

I skimmed a handful and they all pretty much follow the same classic "formula/pattern"👇 link to the resource is at the bottom, but I suggest you read this before skipping ahead to it

Hello {First_Name}

Generic vanilla complement about {Company} that could be applicable to ANY company

We do X, Y, Z

Are you free for a call so we can find out if we're a good match?

One of our most unique attributes as humans is our superior ability to recognize patterns. We evolved to recognize patters in order to PREDICT and EXPECT what's coming next.

Now, I don't know about you but when I open a cold email, within 5 seconds my croc brain recognizes that same classic "formula/pattern", I stop reading, and delete the email.

I've sent 10,000+ cold emails in the last 18 months and receive 5-10 in my own inbox per day. I've tried every trick, template, and variation of cold email out there...

We dream of shortcuts. We want there to be 1 email to rule them all that we can plug in to a service like reply(dot)io, link a CSV and blast out 1K emails in hopes of getting high reply rates.

The truth in my experience at the early stages in B2B... It doesn't work

One reason it doesn't work is because your early stage B2B startup has no credibility or brand yet and thus your cold email is going to feel spammy in most cases...

What has worked for me (to get ~25%+ reply rates)👇

BREAK THE PATTERN 👉 If our brains are wired to recognize these patterns, breaking a pattern get's people's attention. And getting someone's attention is half the battle!

The process I follow to a T

  1. Do a query on crunchbase, linkedin, or elsewhere to gather a list of prospective companies
  2. Identify your target buyer - often times CEOs/founders are the hardest to target, try thinking 1 level below them (CMO, Chief Engineer, COO, etc.)
  3. Pay someone on Fiverr $10-$15 USD to create an excel with company name, title, first name, last name, email address, Linkedin profile URL, Twitter handle URL
  4. Create a basic template email that conveys who you are, what you do, and a clear ask. This should be no more than 2-3 sentences...the shorter this is the better.
  5. Now here's the cumbersome part that no one wants to do: You need to create a personalized hook for each email that you send - process below👇

Creating personalized hooks

These hooks should be 1-3 sentences max and should be at the very top of your email

You're looking for a way to make a HUMAN connection with them

Ways to create hooks

  1. Click their Linkedin profile: Are you from the same state/country? Did you go to the same university? Did you work for the same company once upon a time? Do you have a mutual connection?
  2. Search their recent activity on Linkedin: Did they write an insightful post recently that you could comment on? Did they like a recent post you could comment on?
  3. Click their twitter profile: Have they tweeted anything recently that you can connect with? Do they have a side hustle or indie hacker project in their bio you could check out? Are they into a sport that you also like and could comment on?
  4. Search their name online: Do they have a blog that you could connect with? Have they been featured on a podcast recently that you could skim and connect with?

*Ask a thoughtful question and/or give them a light complement - the more thought provoking and honest you are, the better. *

Create your hook, it takes 5 minutes to do and I promise you'll receive replies from people who are actually happy to respond and connect with you to learn about whatever it is you're trying to sell. And even if it's not a great fit, these people are more likely to introduce you to peers at companies who might be better suited for your product or service.


Send a follow up +3 days after sending your initial email. Something short and sweet like, "Hey {First_Name}, wanted to bump this in your inbox in case you missed it amongst the clutter. Are you free this week to connect?"

Send a follow up +7 days after sending your initial email. Same sort of short email but this time you say "Hey, if you're unavailable, maybe there's someone else from your team who'd be better to connect with?"

Again, I'm not saying these template-y style emails won't work for you...but if you're early on and still trying to get your first 10 B2B customers, you'll likely have way more success with personalized hooks.

Link to the free 100 emails...https://goodsalesemails.com/

  1. 2

    Personalized hook is the surest way to get a response!

    Also, making sure the ask is simple.

    1. 2

      100% true!

      1. First make a human connection
      2. Give a complement or provide a bit of value
      3. Then make your ask simple
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