B2B MicroSaaS Ideas

Hello all,

I'm looking to gather a list of B2B MicroSaaS ideas that any indiehacker can start and build a solid profitable project.

Reply with any ideas you have!

Here are a few:

  1. Billing and Invoicing
  2. Email managment
  3. Simple analytics
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    Interesting idea to create such a list. If you want to start working on an idea, I would always combine it with a customer segment. Like:

    1. Billing and Invoicing for indie hackers
    2. Email management for busy VC's
    3. Simple Analytics for content creators

    That way, you can create countless MicroSaas' with similar ideas

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      Oh wow that's a really solid idea actually, it niches down the audience which will make it easy to target. Thanks :)

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    • Form builder/form backend
    • Survey builder/backend
    • Scheduler application (schedule meetings, time-off, on-call, whatever niche)
    • Alerting, monitoring, logging applications
    • Help desk services
    • Content management
    • Digital asset management
    • Inventory management
    • Reviews and testimonials
    • Conferencing, meetings, chat applications
    • Social media management/analytics
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      These are really solid ideas that! Thank you :)

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    Great job. Keep going!

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