April 17, 2019

Back on track: Day 16 of #The100DayProject

16 days into starting a non-profit during #The100DayProject. There were both positive and negative results today, though not much practical stuff:

  • I had planned a video call with another possible collaborator for this evening, but sadly they had to cancel. We're going to reschedule though :)
  • My new passport arrived! It wasn't due for another 4 weeks so it's fairly miraculous. It means I can now move forward with the legal and banking tasks more sooner than anticipated. Really excited about this to be honest, I was a more than a little frustrated by having to get a new one just as I was starting this project and I thought it was going to set me back many weeks.
  • So, with that in mind, I completed the paper work for the notary for the setup of the charitable foundation. I just have to scan some documents tomorrow and send them over.