Backend and DB advice

I'm looking to create a crypto app that offers investment signals to investors updated in 1-hour intervals. I'm not a backend developer but I have worked with Python for trading algos, so need an easy setup. Any recommendations? Like Firebase with Cloud functions or Supabase with X? Low-code would be the best for me :).


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    Hi, I think you named two already good solutions.

    I am a bit biased here but I would go with AWS. Get the POC funds (300$) and use Amplify, AppSync (GraphQL API), DynamoDB, and Lambda functions. Lambdas can be executed via cron jobs every hour and the most backend part is done via AppSync and Amplify and not much code has to be created.

    I would just have a look on how much data has to be ingested because with stock / crypto data it can be a lot and that can be costly ;)

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      Thanks a lot for the reply! yes my concern is also the cost may rise fast, but honestly getting into AWS feels too hard based on everything I hear :D.

      After doing additional research, I have decided to with cloud function + firebase + firestore + firebase cloud messaging. One reason being push notifications are key for me and want a quick setup + works beautifully with Low-code Flutterflow :D

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