/Backlinks are *essential* if you are an indie hacker!

Backlinks are crucial for SEO

If you are an indiehacker like me, who has just started the journey, You must have been advised by lots of people that backlinks add a lot of value, and yes, they are correct.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks (also known as "inbound links," "incoming links," or "one-way links") are links from one website to a page on another website. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks "votes" for a specific page. Therefore, pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.

Not every backlink is good.

If a spammy website links you, it won't add value to you. Like in real life, if bad people refer to your business or shop, it's not good for you. Technically, it's called URL rating.

Non-user generated content websites are good for backlinks

If a website has high traffic and content is NOT user-generated, and if you get a backlink from that website, it will positively affect the SEO of your domain. For example, if Techcrunch has an article where they include your link, it extremely good for your website. Unfortunately, these links are hard to get, especially for indie hackers.

If you write an answer on Quora or publish an article on medium (user-generated content), it won't have that high impact.

Again imagine, in real life, if some Influential person refers your business or shop, it is good for your business.

Lots of other Technical Aspects

There are many other technical aspects. e.g., follow nofollow links, etc.

You might have seen an Excel sheet floating with the title 100 places to post your startup, don't submit your startup blindly. Just do—2-minute of research.

How do you check backlinks to your website?

well, go to Ahrefs website

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    Rightly said, Backlinks coming to your site from outside sites indicate to search engines you're a trusted site. 👍

  2. 1

    This is literally how SEO works. Without these backlinks, they won't be able to promote your website. I learned this when I was using the services of grownomics.com.au. This is a company that deals with the digital marketing of products and websites. They had some special keywords that are related to my websites and backlinking them with my website. Now when someone searches online for something related to my products or my website, the chances that they will find my website is higher, so you start having more users.

  3. 1

    Have you had success with backlinks on any major websites?

    1. 1

      Yes. But it didn't happen for free. There were three ways we achieved that.

      1. Paid Press Release. It was very costly . As an indiehacker, I can't afford to do that, and we should generally pay for PR only when we have received Product-market fit.
      2. Guest Posts on high-traffic websites in exchange for a valuable service for free.
      3. Paid backlinks channels. Very hard to find good ones.
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    Would love to save this so I can keep coming back for reference but it looks like Indie Hackers doesnt let you save posts

  5. 1

    Thanks for reminding us this. Adding to my task list.

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