Bad experience selling on flippa. Possible loophole. Beware!

Hello community,

I was remembering that someone asked how it was to sell a product / site on flippa, so i wanted to contribute.

Actually, i sold https://viable.email for less than <$1000. The project didn't had the traction i wanted so it was better to get something from it.

The experience, so far, is awful. It has been a 3 month process that hasn't ended yet and there is no ETA to end either.

The project requires a VPS or dedicated server to be migrated. I included to do the migration for free, just to speed up the process and provided with links to hosting providers for less than $20 a month. It took 2 months to transfer the domain and the GIT repo, just why the buyer took like a week to answer every message. The buyer never provided the server to do the migration and we haven't started the transfer of the google and ios apps. The buyer never provided with the credentials to make the migration, so offered to send his way a image of the LXD container, ready to import, so he can do the migration whenever he wants. He agreed. Then asked for instruccions of how to import. No way jose, that is not included in the deal, that requires tech knowledge apart from the project itself, is not in the scope (and a lot of things can go wrong, depending how he initialize the server, where, etc.. i don't want to be explaining the process, i can do it for your, for free, is easier and it will be working, or pay someone to do it.)

At that point, i started a dispute on flippa. The buyer agreed to manage the migration and the only thing left was to migrate the apps, but no answer. Flippa suspended the user until he answers me (is supposed the spent already about 4K usd on flippa, so his other transactions are supposed to be on hold, until he resolve mine, sale money is safe on escrow).

Now, this is where it looks there is a loophole. Money is safe on escrow, but requires buyer to comply, to be released. Buyer already has everything that is valuable, source code, container image and domain (even if i'm still hosting it). So what happens if the buyer never answers? Never move the apps? I will be on the losing end, returning the money to the buyer and delivering my apps assets for free? i will never get the money if he doesn't answer?.

So, not sure how flippa is going to solve this in case that happens, but i wanted to warn the community, that this could happen to you too. The money on escrow means nothing in the end, the deal can go bad at any point of time.


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