Balancing business & babies.


This is my first post. I was always a lurker here on Indie Hacker. Mostly because I did not have anything relevant to share. But I am now excited to be more active. Learn, share and grow together.

Here's my story --

A month after my little wonder arrived (Little Noah arrived on 6.03.2020) I felt lost, anxious, and trapped. I panicked that my work identity, an ENTREPRENEUR had been replaced by a PARENT.

When negative emotions surface, I take time out to reflect on the good, bad, & ugly following the Restory model ( it's our first project at https://human-matter.com/labs/). Few days of reflection + noting down my emotions, I concluded that it doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. I needed a way to celebrate a new identity - Parentpreneur.

I have been fortunate to have lived in 6 countries + worked closely with startup founders and leadership teams across various industries - Retail, Real-estate, Luxury, Design, Tech, Community and Events. 80% of them had kids.

While I appreciated the industry specific knowledge I received from living/ working in diverse cultures/ individuals, what I truly valued was the opportunity to observe and note behaviours, habits, and strategies that shaped the well-being of people's business, family and mind.

My curiosity about human behaviour increased. So I founded Human-Matter with behavioural scientist, @katerinabc to design products to help people live and lead better.

As I reflected on my new identity as a ParentPreneur, I thought why not combine my learnings from behavioural science + my work/life experience and share them with other indie hackers who are parents. There's always a chance it might help someone in the same boat.

Guided and inspired by @kevon thoughts on how to make friends on twitter + building in public, I am going to commit to connect with other ParentPreneurs. So if you are reading this, are a ParentPreneur, feel free to connect with me on twitter https://twitter.com/TaniaDiscovered

I will be sharing ideas, inspiration, and insights on business, parenthood and mental well-being. Join me on this daunting and daring adventure as we together learn to manage balance sheets + baby wipes 😜

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    Looking forward to reading your insights Tania.
    The single biggest blocker for me by far is figuring out how to manage my time with fulltime job, 2 kids, 1 wife, life admin, and THEN side-hustle ambitions.

    I haven't figured it out.

    1. 1

      Thanks so much. I find it a challenge managing work, well-being and a new born. I constantly experiment and see what works and doesn't. That's how I try and optimise my day.

  2. 1

    Congrats Tania! Taking the leap and posting out loud is way more nerve-wracking than I first thought it would be. I've been writing in public for almost a decade now and I have only good things to say. It's hard, but worth it.

    I have two little ones, and I run a company for working parents over at Startup Parent (www.startupparent.com) and I'm excited to connect and follow you.

    1. 1

      So cool to connect with you Sarah. I just checked Startup Parent. It's an amazing pool of resources for parentpreneurs. Well done you and your team.

  3. 1

    So interesting! I was just thinking about how my work life is going to be like whenever I decide to have kids today! I want to have kids soon so I will follow your journey for advice :) Thanks for sharing

    1. 1

      Hey Jessica.. Yeah it's kinda weary but wonderful. Happy to help in any way I can :) Stay connected.

  4. 1

    Very glad I can play a small part in your journey :)

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