Be a good Indie Mate

"Thanks for the follow on IH. Anything I can do for you?"

"Just be a good Indie Mate"

"So what does that mean?"

"Let's figure it out together."

What does it really mean to be a good Indie Mate?

At first, I'd suggest:

  • provide support for other Indie Hackers: i.e. following, landing page feedback, sharing content, etc;
  • don't be mean: don't judge solely based on what you read from comments, there's a real person behind every Avatar or Nickname;
  • be intellectually honest: don't steal other people brains or ideas, don't be rude on how you argue with others;
  • interact meaningfully: be it in Groups, Communities, or with other Individuals, every Community is about meaningful interaction, it's much more than just saying "I'm X community member"

The list goes on, there's much more I could say.

What about you?
What does it really mean to be a good Indie Mate?

  1. 3

    • be kind
    • give more than you take
    • help people with no interest behind it
    • if you feel comfortable, share not only wins, but your struggles.

  2. 2

    I think you already nailed it. Maybe these two could complement your list.
    Don't be afraid to share.
    Stay genuine.

  3. 2
    • Help, loads
    • Don't be an asshole
    1. 2

      :) thanks friend.

  4. 1

    I like the "be intellectually honest" concept

    At times I think it's better people be mean than just ignore, specifically in the feedback topics.. (lp feedback, idea feedback)

    I think something about focusing on topic that get no response over popular ones, again I guess thinking mostly about feedback and such

    I personally hate the posts that are obviously there just to link out, if you post you should give us the gist at least, or the full content if it's yours without making me go to another site

    While I frequently lack the patience to, should try to steer generic questions/posts to something meaningful, but I think this platform isn't much useful for it so I'm not sure if it's useful
    And similarly adding important context that relates to either the original topic or the answer

    1. 1

      Why not if one wants to?

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