Self Care March 26, 2020

Be more human

Kris Borghesan @Kborghesan

During these uncertain times that all of us are currently living through and experiencing, it's even important now than ever to not lose sight of the core values that we all share as human beings.

In times like these, we need to work together so that we can:

Be even more supportive
Be even more thoughtful
Be even more understanding
Be even more patient
Be even more resilient
Be even more genuine and kind
Be even more reasonable
Be even more open to new ideas
Be even more welcoming to others around us
Be even more attentive and available
Be even more diligent and responsive
Be even more HUMAN.

As we all know, strength has always come in numbers.

It's our job as employers, employees, sons, fathers, daughters, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, to support each other.

We're all in it together ❤️

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    Love this post @Kborghesan!! I find myself extending more Grace to those around than I normally would in the past and it's been amazing to see their response to it! We all just need support right not I believe!

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      Thank you, @StayingGeeky! I couldn't relate to you more. It's great to see how people have been able to come together (not physically) to support one another, and by being a little more patient and understanding.

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    Love this so much @Kborghesan. <3 <3 <3 to you.