Growth August 22, 2020

🚨 Become our next Startup Of The Day! 🙌

Chris @blunicorn

In keeping with HackerStash's mission to support new projects and businesses, we're starting a series of tweets showcasing a 'Startup of the day' (each day, naturally).

If you'd like a shout out for your project on twitter, please complete the short form here: . The only real requirement is that you have some kind of URL we can point to, that could be a website or even just a publicly accessible notion page about your idea!

We haven't got a huge audience, but the other day I noticed something we'd tweeted about another company received around 1500 impressions and I thought it was pretty cool, and hopefully really helpful for them. Then it occurred to me that I should find more people that want a bit of free publicity 🥰

UPDATE: Thanks so much for sharing all your amazing projects, it's super inspiring to see what everyone is working on! I just wanted to say that we have about 5 weeks of submissions now (🙌 ) and whilst that's awesome, it does mean your project likely won't appear for a few weeks! It will happen though, I promise 😊

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    This is super nice!

    Thank you so much. I just submitted Wicked Templates

    Super thankful!

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      Nice one, thanks @Michael_Andreuzza! Another super fresh site 😍 A surprise side effect of this initiative is I'm discovering loads of amazing work people are doing 🙂

      1. 1

        Yaay! I am glad you like it.

        Oh,I can believe that's the best part, the discovery. I actually send a newsletter about that!

        Makers are full like a Kinder Egg

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    Great idea, Chris! We'd love to get Smithy a shout out. Going to be keeping an eye on HackerStash. It feels like it could successfully fill a niche similar to Github Sponsors.

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      Heh, I'm working on Keysmith and when I saw Smithy just now I felt like our products are cousins or something :).

      The product sounds really useful! Some unsolicited feedback for ya:

      Here's the part that convinced me:

      Smithy threads require a conclusion message, which will be displayed in the channel, adding clarity to the discussion.

      I definitely resonate with that problem, and I suspect a lot of others will too.

      One thing I was looking for was a screenshot / GIF / video to see it in action. I like it in theory, but I'd want to see it more concretely before I download.

      Also, I was surprised to go to a pricing page and see that it's free. Consider mentioning that up front, like "Smithy is a free app for Slack ..."

      Hope that's helpful. Good luck :).

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      Exactly!...we're aiming for Github-Sponsors meets Indiehackers sort of vibe. Smithy sounds super interesting - does it turn Slack into Threads, without the need for Threads?

      1. 1

        In that ballpark, yeah. Still early days, improving and gathering feedback.

        1. 1

          If you can pull it off there's a huge market out there, good luck! I saw this the other day, quite a nice illustration of the how our lines of communication grow in a growing businesses (let alone the fact that there's normally multiple channels!) - anything to help bring order to that chaos is worth it 🙂

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    I could use that generous offer Chris! Submitted the form and looking forward!

    1. 2

      No problem @akhilmk ! Feel free to share the link to this article on twitter etc if you know anyone else who might benefit 😀

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    Just submitted Preferr! Thanks for doing this.

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      Awesome, thanks Ellit! Love that pulsating light background thing that's happening on your website by the way, subtle and unusual, which makes it charming 🤓

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    took you up on the offer!

    1. 1

      Thanks @watus - I love this 'Sales Engagement for the Fortune 5,000,000' by the way 🥰

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    Thanks! I just submitted
    I think that this service is very helpful for fresh founders to find the relevant financing and understand the financing process!

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    Chris, thanks for doing this. And good luck with HackerStash!


    1. 2

      Thanks Brendan, Expertscape looks like an incredibly valuable tool - do you manage to generate much revenue? I found it interesting that you were focusing your pricing on the expert side, rather than the people doing the searching 😊

      1. 2

        Thanks Chris! And yes, we've decided to make it free to users. (If someone is coming to Expertscape to search for a specialist, their life is tough enough...)

        And re revenue, we made a conscious commitment not to generate revenue until last year so that we could get the results right and get a lot of support (and scrutiny) from experts. Now it's really starting to take off, and we're getting ready to announce a strategic partnership that should get us a lot more visibility.

        1. 2

          Amazing 😍, I love the ethical approach you're taking to growing it too!

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    This is nice!
    As someone who is looking to gain on twitter, I'm definitely not going to let this opportunity pass.

    Thank you.

    1. 2

      Nice, we've followed you 😉

      Also, I have a friend who runs call centres and is always having to clean up databases for duplications etc, I've forwarded him the link to flookup!

      1. 2

        Thanks for the follow and the referral! What is your twitter handle so that I can follow back? I see two...

        EDIT: Seen it!

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    Thanks for doing this. Just submitted Fake Filler to the list.

    1. 1

      Looks sick, will probably try this one out myself soon! Do you also encourage people to write semantic HTML for their inputs etc?

      1. 1

        I am confident that you will find it useful :) Yes, semantic HTML gives the extension more information to determine what to fill in inputs. However, it is not a requirement and that's where the customization features are really helpful.

        1. 1

          Yeah, I was thinking it would be cool to encourage people to use semantic HTML simply because of the wins from an accessibility and UX perspective :)

          1. 2

            I agree. One of the things I have started looking into is how I could use ARIA attributes as an additional source of information to determine what kind of fake data to generate for each input field.

            1. 1

              I think that makes a lot of sense for most common field types

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    Thanks Chris! I've just submitted Metro Retro ( - it's a realtime whiteboard with tools focused on agile retrospectives. We'll be branching out to more general use as well - story mapping, backlogs, planning etc.

    1. 2

      Oh nice, clever niche actually, I like the look of it. The UI feels a bit like Miro - if you haven't heard of them could be worth a look 😊

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    This is cool!
    I submitted Insulam App for my new Indie Product PAPER FORTUNE!

    1. 1

      Awesome! An AI fortune teller is a super fun idea 👏

  12. 2

    Thanks for that! Just added - best of luck!

    1. 1

      Wow, this looks very intriguing! Thanks for adding yourself to the list 😊

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    Thanks so much for this @Chris. We'd love to have RemoteWorkly there.

    Looking forward to this!

    1. 2

      Nice, thanks @veebuv - better meetings/meetings management is like the number one need of every business I've ever worked for!

      1. 1

        We think so too, here's hoping we can help these businesses!

        Thanks again for doing this @blunicorn

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    Thanks so much, just submitted my Product!

  15. 2

    Thanks Chris! Just submitted Keysmith.

    And for anyone else who was looking, here's HackerStash's Twitter account:

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      Thanks @dmoreh, Keysmith looks great! The recording feature is a really clever and novel way to manage to UX around defining your shortcut recipe 😀

      1. 1

        Hey thanks, that's kind of you to say :)

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    Thanks a lot, I have filled your form. Looking forward to see OrgPad there.

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    This is awesome! Just submitted Relaax ! Thanks Chris!

    1. 1

      Thanks @StuckInTheLoop - looks like a very worthwhile product. How long until launch? I feel like with the global pandemic it’s all the more urgent to have good tools like this to support mental health in the workplace!

      1. 1

        You make a really good point @blunicorn and personally I wish something like this would've existed sooner. To answer your question we're going to be participating in the Startup School Sprint and aiming to launch in 3 weeks! (approximately by September 12th)

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    This is great! I just submitted our product Microtica and can't wait for the shout out! Thanks a lot for doing this :))

    1. 1

      Microtica looks cool, really nice site too! I used the same illustration pack for an old (now dead) project - I like the animations you added 😍

      1. 1

        Thanks Chris! Why is this project dead though? Looks like a really interesting value proposition :)

        1. 2

          I wrote a post recently where I talked a bit about what went wrong actually

          TL;DR - we got stuck in a rut and found it becoming near-impossible to ship 😢I would love to revisit the concept one day though!

          1. 1

            Nice read and unfortunately the real life of so many startups. We had the same experience ourselves working on a previous startup, tweaking, adding features, improving UI/UX. It is a great lesson learned though :)
            I hope you're able to get back to it some day.

          2. 1

            This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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