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Become Proficient with Docker in 2 hours

I've compiled a self teaching, step by step, text based course to "master" the Docker. Well, not actually to master it, but to feel confident using it on a daily basis.

I've put it also on a Gumroad for $4, so I can learn a thing or two how to sell things there. For IH, I've even setup a 50% discount which is stunning $2. This offer is limited of course 😅. Purpose is not to earn money, but to gain new experiences. Discount code is included in the link, but if you get asked, it's ihdock

I've used this material for a workshop I gave to my colleagues. Now I'm giving it to you. The material is 20 pages long, split into 3 real life dev scenarios, so it's one of those things where you build something along the way.

I’ve written this course having in mind people who want to learn new things, especially for those who are at the beginning of their career. I know how it was for me at the beginning when you are referenced to the official documentation and the documentation doesn’t make sense to you at all.

Here's the link, and you can find TOC there as well

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    I just wanted to stop by and say that my first sale on gumroad came through the IH 😊


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