Jobs April 7, 2020

Been Fired? Downsized? Let Go? I want to talk to you!

Eric Ryan Jones @StayingGeeky

I'm starting a podcast around unemployed people. Interview style. Hoping it creates a new medium for people to be discovered and market themselves.

If this sounds interesting to someone you know, or even to you, and you think they'd like to be a guest please refer them to check out and signup.

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    this is a powerful platform transforming one's down moment to an uplifting piece of content. haha and love the URL - what are your thoughts about sparking an action from the content that you create and share?

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      sparking an action. mmm honestly this is so raw I haven't given it much thought. My hopes are that in time the listeners demand "something" more than a podcast and I'm able to deliver :) If you've got ideas for action from the content I'm all ears. Let's break it down!!

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        you are creating a safe space not only for the participant in the podcast, but all those listeners, as you said. im not sure what the action is, but it's powerful to see a space where someone who may have just "lost" something can come to "gain" so much. excited for this. cheers!

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          Love that ^^^^^^

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    love this! and i like how you've built a product around in on IH... following!

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      Thanks man!